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View Poll Results: Titans Return Octone - worth getting?
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Old 6th September 2017, 12:18 PM
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Default Toy Review - Titans Return Octone

Octone with Murk

Series – Titans Return
Size/class - Voyager
New/remould/redeco – Retool of Prime
Wave - 5
Released here – About to be
Approximate Retail Price - $49
Allegiance - Decepticon
Alt-mode – Fuel tanker/cargo plane
Main Features/Gimmicks – Titan Master, triple changer
Main Colours – Purple, White, Grey
Main Accessories – Gun, rifle, Murk

Robot Mode

I think probably the best looking official Octone toy we have had to date (which if you count the Kre-O version makes a whopping total of 4). He has the taller shoulders reminiscent of the Universe version and the dynamic wings of the G1 version along with the squarish chest. Once again he is able to be posed fairly easily as well as good articulation. Would have been nice to see him armed with a shield instead of a second gun.

Tanker Truck Mode

Best. Taker Truck Mode. Ever. The G1 version was good but the huge arms at the sides wrecked it and you had to add the huge cover on the back whereas here it is built in. This tanker mode looks very sleek for a tanker truck, makes the odd colour scheme work well and I love the stripes at the sides. Only thing is be careful of the stripes – they are stickers, not paint – and are liable to get worn off unless you are careful during transformations. There is a small unobtrusive cockpit on the top of the tanker for Murk to ride in.

Cargo Plane Mode

It seems all Octone toys suffer in some form from having a bit that just wont fit. With the G1 toy it was the arms in tanker truck mode (yes they weren’t great in plane mode either but at least sorta hid under the wings) and with the Universe mode it was that one of the robots arms ended in a vastly oversized melee blade that frankly looked odd at best. With this incarnation of Octane it’s the cargo plane mode. The front two-thirds look fine but he has the split truck cab sitting either side at the back, making the G1 plane vastly superior to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice enough looking plane but certainly the weakest of his three modes.

For more pics and info about Octone, please check out my blog HERE!

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