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Old 8th January 2012, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Doubledealer View Post
Pontypool (2008) http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/pontypool/

One of the best intelligent horrors I've seen in years! Very light on the gore so if you simply enjoy a well written, highly original movie then there's a good chance you'll enjoy Pontypool. Stephen McHattie gives such a terrific performance as Radio DJ Grant Mazzy. My only problem with it is the ending (well, the ending before the post-credits ending - which is very open to interpretation - I loved this btw). It's not what happens in the end, but the way it was directed, it was just very anti-climactic for me. It was a low budget film so I guess I can't knock them too much for that. 9/10

The Adventures of Tintin (2011) http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_...res_of_tintin/

I can't decide which movie is more boring, this or Dark of the Moon. Tintin really should have been given to a European director, and someone who understands Herge's subtle wit. And someone who understands humour!! What we have here is a typical American 'blockbuster' with big set pieces to wow little Jimmy in 3D, but little else worth caring about. And the CG faces, yuck!! Most infuriating of all, they turned Captain Haddock into little more than an annoying drunk. Keep on ruining your own franchises Spielberg but leave Europe out of it! 3/10
Pontypool sounds interesting, might have to watch it.

Good thing I skipped watching Tintin, I wasn't really interested in the original comics in the first place.

Originally Posted by Sky Shadow View Post
The second act was definitely a change of pace, but I enjoyed it until the end. The third act in particular certainly got my heartrate up.
Perhaps I should give it a second viewing sometime.

My next movie review:

Samurai Cop (1989)

The cover has NOTHING to do with the movie.

This is a horrible movie starring no-name actors: Robert Z'Dar, Matt Hannon, Jannis Farley, Mark Frazer

The movie has very predictable cliche moments but the dialogue is somewhat unique, as seen in this scene when 'Samurai' (played by Hannon) is talking to a nurse. You should really see it for yourself to understand how bad it is.

Another example is this piece of dialogue:

Samurai: Watch out Frank, the Captain's going to burn your ass.

Frank (played by African-American Actor Mark Frazer): My ass is already black.

I also have the feeling that Director Amir Shervan originally called this movie 'Horny Cop' as it features many many sex scenes and perhaps had post-dubbed the word 'Samurai' everytime someone said the word 'horny'. There is very little relevance to actual Samurai in this movie, except maybe the last 2 minutes.

Yet this movie is very AWFUL, it's one of those so-bad-it's-good movies.

When I show this movie to my friends we're bound to have massive laughing-fit unachievable by perhaps every single intentional comedy movie ever.

This is the type of movie that you must watch as a filmmaker or anyone interested in films to know what NOT to do when making your own feature.

My final verdict?

As a film based on quality - 1/10. 1 for fact that you could tell the cast and crew enjoyed making this movie, despite how bad it is.

As a lesson to those in film-making - 10/10. This, like 'The Room' is one of the gems of what NOT to do when it comes to making your own flick (unless you're aiming down low on purpose for an infamous reputation)
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