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Old 21st August 2017, 10:55 PM
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Default Toy Review - Titans Return Slugslinger

Series Titans Return
Size/class - Deluxe
New/remould/redeco - Significant remould of Triggerhappy
Wave - 6
Released here August 2017
Approximate Retail Price - $30
Approximate Size - 15cm (including the back mounted nosecones)
Allegiance - Decepticon
Alt-mode Jet
Main Features/Gimmicks Headmaster
Main Colours blue, whitish grey
Main Accessories 2 guns, "Caliburst" Titan Master

Note: This toy is a redeco of Titans Return Triggerhappy. See Triggerhappy's review thread for comments on the original mould. This review will focus on differences made.

A nice enough toy in its own right but the weakest of the winged TR Targetmaster jets. Slugslinger suffers a bit from "Broadside Syndrome" - where slavish accuracy to the G1 toy is holding him back. The wings that droop down behind his upper legs get in the way (it'd be nice if they could fold up like Misfire's wings), and the large wrist tabs that are needed to lock the arms into place feel like they might end up with stress marks, especially if anyone should accidentally start unfolding the legs before untabbing the arms. The nature of the alt mode has also rendered either of the two cockpits useless for a Titan Master so sit in. They're just too small. And if HasTak made them larger, then they'd look too big/fat. In order for Slugslinger to have two nice looking and G1 accurate cockpits, they need to be narrow. As a result, the actual cockpit sits inside the fuselage behind the twin cockpits. I like the way that the guns can combine and divide without symmetrically connected/dividing along a lateral centre line! That's kinda getting old now. Instead the grey gun can connect to form the barrel of the blue gun, which is reminiscent of how G1 Caliburst's barrel clips on.

Visually this toy is gorgeous. They've done so well in really making this toy look just like G1 Slugslinger, although as usual the head and face sculpt are based on the cartoon rather than the original toy. Even though the toy heads look better in every instance (just look at how cool Misfire looks in the IDW comics with that toy accurate head!). Caliburst is nicely coloured (so good to see Titan Masters in colour!) and is sculpted to look like a miniature Slugslinger. Don't know why. I would've preferred for it to look like Caliburst. Are these Motorvators now?

Overall Slugslinger is a nice toy, but the weakest between him, Triggerhappy and Misfire. If you only want one version of this core mould, I would recommend either Triggerhappy or Misfire. But this is still a perfectly good toy anyway and I would still recommend it for anyone looking to complete the CHUG Decepticon Targetmaster characters, but I would advise getting it below $29.95. I got mine from Myer and got them to price match Big W.



Comparison with G1 Slugslinger. My G1 Caliburst is missing his barrel so I borrowed Blowpipe's for this pic.

G1 & TR Caliburst (G1 Caliburst is borrowing TR Slugslinger's barrel weapon)

Weapons combined

Weapons separated

Close up of head and chest

Vehicle mode

CHUG Decepticon Targetmasters

G1 & CHUG Decepticon Targetmasters. Okay, I cheated with G1 Cyclonus and Scourge - those aren't Targetmasters (they're the regular 1986 versions - I don't own the TM versions )
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Old 22nd August 2017, 10:20 AM
ComradeRenko ComradeRenko is offline
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My Slugslinger suffers from very limp wrists. The rest of the arm and shoulder joints are nice and tight, but the wrists don't seem to lock in at all.

The transformation feels more efficient than elegant compared to Triggerhappy. That torso rotation really elevated that transformation for me. We've seen this transformation a few times now, and Slugslinger doesn't really add anything fresh to the mix.

I love the guns. After seeing so many weird and hollow guns designed to accommodate Titan Masters, it's like they decided "stuff it, lets just make good weapons". Titan Master interactivity is limited to a set of foot spikes to give the "Titan Master standing on a gun" look rather than operating a turret. Very happy to have a good gun for an ex-target master.

Overall, quite happy with him. Plus, he seems to be an Australian world first, so that makes him a bit special.
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Old 22nd August 2017, 11:18 PM
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Glad this has started showing up.
I've held off on the Triggerhappy mould/remoulds waiting for Slugslinger (a childhood fave although I'm not 100% sure why in hindsight...).

At least the transformation will be fresh to me.
Current Favourite Figures: Classics Mirage; TR Octane;

Wants: TR Seaspray
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Old 26th August 2017, 06:20 PM
sideswipes brother sideswipes brother is offline
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Wow! I had no idea that Slugslinger was even getting released!
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Old 23rd November 2017, 03:27 PM
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Late to the TR party Perhaps Hasbro could have used a repaint of TR Misfire's head for a more toy-accurate representation of the character. Are there any stickers on the figure or is it all tampo printed?
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Old 5th December 2017, 05:14 PM
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Not just repaint, a more toy-accurate head would require a retool as the entire head is a different design from the cartoon model.
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Old 14th December 2017, 02:02 PM
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At a glance, I thought G1 toy Misfire's head sculpt was close enough to G1 toy Slugslinger's head sculpt to avoid a remould. The G1 toys both have visor eyes and nose/mouth face designs. That way in Titans Return, only a recolour would be required if Hasbro wanted a G1 toy look for TR Slugslinger (based on TR Misfire's head design). Obviously, it wouldn't be accurate to the G1 toy but close enough.
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