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Old 29th September 2017, 09:16 PM
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Years ago when I was starting to get back into Transformers (thank you ROTF), I bought ROTF voyager Megatron (I was na´ve at the time) and it hasn't aged well. After a first look at TLK voyager Megatron I thought, " They may have finally got him right." and the answer is a resounding yes. In both robot and jet modes he is truly terrifying without anything comical about him.

P.S. The light piping doesn't seem to work on my one is anyone else having the same problem?
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Old 5th December 2017, 05:18 PM
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The leader toy has a really impressive jet mode, like really so good, but the rest of him? Bleh

The Voyager toy has a slightly less impressive jet mode, not as large, no flames, the good old Transformer trick of hide part of the robot under the wings, but it's still a nice jet. And it's combined with a fun (not annoying) transformation and a better robot mode with a less obtrusive "fusion cannon". Overall as a package much better than the leader toy and very likely the one I will keep of the two.
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