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View Poll Results: TF5 VOY Scorn - worth buying?
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Old 24th September 2017, 12:15 PM
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Default The last Knight Voyager Scorn

Series The Last Knight
Sub-line - Premier Edition
Size/class - Voyager
New/remould/redeco - New
Wave - 3
Released here September 2017
Approximate retail price: $59 (Target)
Approximate Size - I don't understand the question
Allegiance - Autobot
Alt-mode Spinosaurus
Main Features/Gimmicks - Managing to not feel like a hollow KO like a lot of other toys recently.
Main Colours Red and silver
Main Accessories nil

Scorn is the only new mold mainline figure that didn't get any screen time on TLK, though arguably you could imply given his colouring he's meant to stand in for the knight Merlin meets at the beginning of the film.

Review in capsules because it's 10am on a Sunday morning and I'm wriding this on an iPad while onow the toilet.

- This figure has an impressive heft and size. It's noticeably bigger and heavier than other recent voyagers.
- This figure is really on point sculpt wise for the knight theme. He looks bulky and we'll armoured.
- Articulation is quite good. Ball joint head, universal shoulders, bicep swivels, hinge elbows, left arm flail has three joints in it and right arm has a swivel fist and a group of fingers jointed togethere for grasping action, universal hips, thigh swivels, knee hinges and full ankle articulation. The only miss is that there is no waist but given that the entire waist splits for transformation its understandable.
- No accessories are included. I don't really mind to be honest as the tail flail arm thing is multi jointed now.
- Transformation is reasonably impressive. It feels solid and comprehensive without being groundbreaking. There are a lot of neat little touches in things that didn't have to be included but make a lot of difference, such as the way that the shoulders roll back on a double swivel joint, the way the lower legs transform and the layers of joints to position the sails on the beast mode back. To be clear it follows an entirely different scheme to the old deluxe.
- Dino mode looks freaking intimidating. Armoured, angled, sharp. There's a good load of articulation in this mode too. Don't pose it next to voyager Grimlock, you'll make Grimmy cry.
- Only one real glaring flaw in this mode, which is that the non flail arm just sort of chills out below the dino belly and doesn't hard lock into anything. Theres a tab and a corresponding slot on the chest but it's not a super secure connection. To be fair mine doesn't flop and it doesn't look super terrible given the overall aesthetic.
- This also looks a lot more movie accurate in this mode than the old figure, what with the three sails and murder spikes sticking out everywhere.

This is worth just about 59 bucks by today's standards. Aside from the robot arm not hiding well in dino mode it's a figure without signifncant flaw and is a bigger meaner looking voyager than we've had for a while.
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Old 24th September 2017, 12:26 PM
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Thanks for sharing
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Old 24th September 2017, 02:07 PM
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My favourite Dino-bot mold ever; really really stoked to have it and I actually think I'll be leaving it in Dino mode because he looks so awesome! 10/10 recommend
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Old 24th September 2017, 04:36 PM
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Really nice mold as its been pointed out. A lot of detail went into him especially with all the spikes. Im not sure how many people would like a new dinobot on the team in other transformer franchises but I think I would like to see scorn more just on how good his current design is and how that would be interpreted in other media.
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Old 10th October 2017, 01:20 PM
Butcher31 Butcher31 is offline
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I agree. Just got it last night and it's awesome. It took a bit to figure out what to do with the shoulders, but after that it all connected nicely.
The size of it is very impressive. I like the deluxe but this one easily surpasses it.
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Old 1st January 2018, 08:24 PM
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I can't say much that hasn't already been said, so here are some photos.

Spinosaurus mode:

Originally Posted by SharkyMcShark View Post
Don't pose it next to voyager Grimlock, you'll make Grimmy cry.
Pretty much agree with this point; Scorn really shows up how stumpy voyager Grimlock is. Put him next to leader Grimlock instead; the two look good together.

Robot mode:

I like Scorn's solid, almost chunky proportions, but he looks stumpy next to the tall and lanky leader Grimlock.

My only gripe is that I wish Scorn was a darker or richer red. Burgundy/maroon would have been ideal.
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Old 2nd January 2018, 01:41 PM
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Leader Grimlock makes Scorn disproportionate in Dinobot mode though, because Spinosauruses are larger than Tyrannosaurus Reges. Putting Voyager Scorn next to Deluxe (e.g. Classics or RiD) Grimlock will give you a more realistic scale.
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