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View Poll Results: TLK Infernocus - worth grabbing?
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What an infernally-awful toy! 2 33.33%
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Old 1st December 2017, 07:14 AM
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Default Toy Review - TLK Infernocus

Infernocus (with Quintessa)

Series The Last Knight
Size/class - Combiner
New/remould/redeco 2 new figures, 4 recolours
Released here Yes, TRU Exclusive
Approximate Retail Price - $65
Allegiance - Quintesson
Alt-mode Infernicons
Main Features/Gimmicks Combiner
Main Colours Black, Red
Main Accessories Rupture, Glug, Gorge, Thrash, Skulk, Quintessa

Unlike the movie, where there are six identical Infernicons that make up this gestalt, the toy is made up by five different figures. Four of these are recolours of toys from the Beast Hunters Predacon team that make up Abominus. Each of these figures has remained essentially the same, except for a uniform black & red paintjob and the removal of their individual weapons.

These reworked figures serve reasonably well in their new roles as Infernicons, though with the exception of their colour schemes they do not particularly resemble their counterparts from the live action movie. However an added bonus to them is that unlike the movie they actually have alt-modes monstrous beasts that adds a lot of extra play value to the set. Skulk is a new figure that replaces Hun-Gurrr and despite not having his own alt-mode, works quite well with the set and gives their combined form much needed bulk. Quintessa is very small but at this point in time is the only toy of this major character from the 5th movie.

Infernocus himself looks very good as a combiner, quite imposing. It's just a shame he lacks his big arm cannons from the movie and I've never liked how the combiner has a huge left hand and a tiny right one, though this can be obscured by him holding his sword.

Overall I quite like this set as a whole and there have been very few official Quintesson-aligned figures so I'm happy to add him to my collection

To see lots of photo's of the individual robots and to read a more detailed review, please check out my blog review of Infernocus HERE

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Old 8th December 2017, 03:16 PM
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I got this today for $47 at TRU which equates to $9.40 per figure. I still hate this but mainly bought it for the individual bots to go with my Beast Hunter Legions.

Oh..and got the tiny Dragonstorm too which goes ok with these.
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