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Old 19th December 2011, 10:30 PM
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Default Toy Review - Generations Sky Shadow

(Please post photos, comments or even a fully comprehensive review)

Toy Review - Sky Shadow
Series - Generations
Sub-line - Crossformer^N/A
Size/class - Deluxe
New/remould/redeco - Redeco/retool of Generations Thunderwing
Wave - ??
Released here - ??
Approximate Retail Price - 129HKD ($17)
Approximate Size - 15cm
Allegiance - Decepticon
Alt-mode - Jet
Main Features/Gimmicks - Detachable drone jet
Main Colours - Black, red, gray, silver
Main Accessories - Missile launcher guns



A rather extensive retool of Generations Thunderwing -- not only the head, but the chest and stomach are all retooled. The jet mode has more detailing on it compared to Thunderwing's with more red and silver stripes. The robot mode has less paint apps compared to Thunderwing, but it actually works in Sky Shadow's favour as it downplays the more organic aspects of the mould, helping to give Sky Shadow a more robotic look. This compliments the retooling well and works toward the whole Crossformer/Blackshadow homage.

The tan-coloured plastic used for the triggers, front landing wheel and the connecting joint that attaches the front section of the jet looks a little bit out of place -- but they're all discreet so it doesn't really interfere much with the look of the toy. The sculpting for the retooled head, chest and stomach looks really good - giving Sky Shadow a more mechanical look.

Overall I'm really happy with this figure. The extent of the retooling exceeds my expectations (I thought it'd just be a new head and repaint - I was pleasantly surprised to see the chest and stomach being completely retooled too) and the new colour scheme works well. The head sculpt looks awesome - evoking Blackshadow's cartoon model and further distinguishing him from Thunderwing. Most impressive.

I highly recommend this toy if you can get/find one.

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