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Old 8th April 2017, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Shirokaze View Post
Far out I think everyone's reading way to much into this. All I did was express my opinion about the name, (which lets be honest, does sound a little ill-conceived before you start trying to make up reasons to justify it) I even went on to say it'd probably be fine in context. Why can't I be a little bummed that they don't appear to be taking the lore as seriously as they lead us to believe this time around? Isn't that something that everyone desires?
And then out of nowhere people are acting like I've flipped out about it and we jump to bitchfests and "Bay ruined my childhood"?
The few comments made were not specifically directed at you mate, and mine were more about how this was deteriorating into the usual complaints about previous flicks which you were not the only one doing Sorry if you felt attacked though mate, I don't think that was anyones intention

Anyway, I officially give up on trying to keep movie news threads on track and being about the actual news story rather than deteriorating into 'everything I found wrong with the last 4 movies'. I put up a post in another thread about how the new Bbee movie is officially going to be a prequel and aimed at a younger audience. It got one relevant comment followed by four 'the other movies sucked' comments

Apparently I'm in the minority that when I come to the Movie News section I want to read actual news - Movie News as it were rather than Movie Olds. I'm looking to hear about announcements pertinent to TF5 and others take on those announcements, not that they didn't like the sexism in ROTF or the swearing in AoE. But clearly I should cut my losses and just check out other TF sites when I want movie news and just let everyone else here have their fun. I don't get how it's fun to constantly rehash the same complaints again and again and again about years-old movies personally, but it's not my place to try and impose myself over others and as said, I seem to be vastly in the minority.

Have fun kids - Trev out!
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