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Old 2nd May 2017, 03:36 PM
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Default Box office estimates for TF5 movie

A website that predicts box office takings in North America, has listed the pros and cons of this fifth Transformers movie, and has estimated that it will make US$79 million on its opening 3 day weekend, and will likely earn US$195 million in its entire run in North America.

If those predictions hold true, that would make it the worst performing Transformers movie in North America so far, and the first that won't make back its production budget within North America.
The first two movies made half of its global earnings within North America, while the third movie dropped to only making a third (from a big increase in non-American earnings)... but by the fourth movie, the global earnings didn't increase by as much as the third one did, to the point of being smaller than the drop in North American earnings, resulting in TF4 being the first to earn less globally than its previous movie. As such, I think there will be a big push in countries that haven't yet seen saturation like America has seen (and maybe even China, after TF4 was heavily marketed to that country, so it might not have much more room to improve either).

Considering the production budget for TF5 is US$260 million (plus the expected US$100-150 million on marketing that these big-budge movies have these days), and with the fourth movie only making a quarter of the global takings in North America, this one is going to need some spectacular numbers in non-American countries just to make a profit (which would need to be significantly more then the total production and marketing expense, since box office takings has to pay for theatre costs and taxes, and doesn't all go back to Paramount).
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