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Old 22nd April 2018, 04:21 PM
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Default MPM-5 Barricade already KOed

It seems that the turnaround for KOs is getting quicker and quicker, to the point of being available before the real toy is showing up in all countries around the world - as is the case for Barricade, which was only just found in North America recently, and hasn't even shown up here yet (if it comes here at all).

Seibertron have posted up some details and a photo of what to look for on the KO, which includes an outline printing of the "Police" word on the boot of the car in addition to the white painting of the word on the spoiler.

I don't know if the KOs are coming in boxes, but if they are, it may be necessary to avoid buying any Transformers toy from an individual now... especially ones from China, and especially if they are oddly cheap compared to legitimate sources.
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