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Old 1st September 2018, 01:42 PM
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Default Accessories ID help please 2.0

I've IDed most of what I posted previously & found a couple more.

Excuse the somewhat random numbering. I've kept things consistent with the last post.

B1 - Ultra Powerglide
B2 - Movie Arcee
B4 - Generations Sandstorm
B5 - 6" Titanium War Within Megatron
C3 -
C4 - Animated Leader Megatron
E2 - Armada Optimus Prime
E5 - Yoda
F4 - Deep Desert Brawl
F8 - Movie Brawl
F9 - Movie Blackout
G3 -
J2 - Universe Stockade
M2 - Boba Fett
M4 - Millennium Falcon
N1 - Movie Elita 1
N2 - a Superlink Aerialbot
N3 -
N4 -

All help welcome.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 00AA - still not IDed.jpg (305.0 KB, 35 views)


- G1 Brawl
- MyClone Dirge
- Blue Microchange MC-04 (02) Familia 1500XG (that's the pre-TF Bumblejumper)
- G2 Grimlock (turquoise or silver)
- Car Robots Indy Heat
- Beast Wars Dinobot
- Combiner Wars Air Raid, Fireflight - secured thanks to Paulbot!

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