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Old 29th January 2013, 01:55 AM
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  • Are they worth buying after all this time, and what is good or bad about them.
The 80s Marvel G1 comics, both US & UK, are truly the most entertaining tomes of G1 lore & story that can be found in any medium.

The stories truly stand the test of time as I myself only finished reading the US run a year or so ago & I can safely as well as happily say that I thoroughly enjoyed the stories contained as they are far better written, illustrated, delivered & conveyed than the G1 cartoon.

They incorporate some truly science fiction elements, situations seem to have more gravity and the characters have so much more personality that you are honestly left (At least I was) wanting to read the next issue immediately after finishing the previous one.

The artwork is superb if not very much a product of its era but the only real let down IMO is the colouring; Nel Yomtov did a horrible job & the printing method of the era didn't help either as rather than solid bodies of vivid colour, isometric dots were used to save on ink costs but the ridiculous thing is that said dots often found their way outside of the lineart.

  • Are there any specific issues or stories you'd recommend to others?
I honestly can't specifically remember the names or issues, but I'd certainly recommend the Dreadwing specific arc of issues along with the issue/s containing the Jumpstarters Runabout & Runamuck; They are 2 sets of stories that really stand out in my memory as being very entertaining and full of beautiful art work, they're just really indicative of the creative love that went into the Marvel G1 comics.

  • How do they compare to the current era of Transformers comics?
I honestly could've compare the original Marvel runs with that of the (Now defunct) Dreamwave's comics or the current IDW stories as I have just not read enough of the modern era books to give a fair or accurate opinion - I will however say that the artwork & colour of the modern books are truly stunning, vivid & alive pieces of art - So for those reasons alone they may very well be worth checking out.
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Old 3rd February 2013, 12:55 AM
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I have only really just started reading tf comics in the last year or two and im really enjoying them! Esp MTMTE! I have a few hard covers (LSOTW) but mainly buy them on my iPad
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