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Old 16th January 2018, 08:04 PM
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Very much looking forward to completing a full set of the original Autobot cars in Masterpiece format (84 and 85 and wouldn't complain about 86 too). We are so close to this being a possible goal.

For everything else, I just continue to build a collection that I'm totally happy with, which usually means trying new things but only keeping what I consider the best from each line.
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Old 16th January 2018, 09:22 PM
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Iím looking to complete G1 season 1-4 in the masterpiece scale in both official and 3rd party. All official releases Iím looking to double up with a misb collection as well which is creating issues storage wise. Once my list is completed Iíll basically just replace the 3rd party ones with official takara releases as they come out.

I also have really enjoyed the takara legends line since the introduction of the headmasters and have been collecting them as part of my misb collection.

A certain store really made me rethink my collecting and made me narrow down the various lines I was buying from everything I could get my hands on to two.
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Old 17th January 2018, 11:32 PM
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I gets whats I likes.
Originally Posted by Kranix View Post
I have a collection of original/ reissue 84 & 85 G1 figures, only missing Sunstreaker, Wheeljack, Mirage and the Dinobots to complete my collection. Would love to finish it but since I don't buy KO it wont happen
I have often said that I personally have more respect for a collection that is missing certain figures over that which has filled it in with counterfeits.
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Old 18th January 2018, 07:20 PM
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1: Be entertaining, or at least interesting. I don't buy TFs all that often, and open them even slower still, but I do appreciate a well-designed TF or one with an interesting transformation.

2: Look cool. I'm a display-type collector, so I want my TFs to look good. Especially when displayed as part of a set.

3: Be an effective distraction from 'real life' and/or my other main hobby/interest: politics. Seriously, life is frequently frustrating and politics (much as I find it fascinating) is often depressing. Sometimes you just need a break from it all, something shallow and meaningless and easy, and for me shape-changing robot toys fill that niche nicely.
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Old 4th February 2018, 05:45 PM
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Initially all I wanted was CHUG representation of the '86 movie characters. Also wanted characters from TFPrime. Both of those are complete to my satisfaction. I haven't wanted much since then but my collection of 3P WfC/FoC dinobots has me considering other game characters.
Any figure that comes with swords demands wrist articulation.
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Old 4th February 2018, 07:47 PM
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Pretty much to have the G1 characters in Masterpiece form. I stick to Takara Tomy only just to keep things 'consistent', so I've gotten rid of most of any Hasbro variants. So yeah, the collecting is fairly easy on my wallet, but could take a long time to complete.

I have nothing against 3P and have been impressed by many of their offerings, but it's a slippery money slide if I ever got into 3P.
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