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Old 16th July 2017, 03:46 PM
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Default TF5 Movie licensed merchandise

We don't get a lot of licensed items here anymore, but globally, there are still quite a few items being done for the dedicated movie fans, particularly in America and Japan.

We've already seen the licensed Jada diecast cars, which are also being released in Japan directly by TakaraTomy.

Prime 1 Studios does statues, and they are now venturing into the TF5 characters, including the Decepticon Onslaught... before an official toy exists too.

While over in Japan, a company called Goodluck, is doing three replica swords from TF5 (Optimus', Megatron's, and Excalibur). I can't tell if they are licensed, but it looks like they have a history of replica weapons, so could be legit.
They are made from PVC plastic, and are about 110-140cm long, priced at about AU$140-280 each. The listing suggests that they are made to order with a 10 day turnaround, so could be available for a while... if you know someone in Japan.
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