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Old 5th August 2017, 11:09 PM
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Default Figures you thought you'd hate, But ended up liking.

Not sure if there is already a thread like this or not, but it's a topic I've thought of every now and then

Has there ever been a Transformers figure you thought you would hate when you first saw it, but ended up really liking once you actually gave it a chance?

In my case, 2 figures immediately spring to mind.

1: Titans Return Deluxe Blurr. when the first images of this guy showed up online I absolutely hated how it looked. the design was boring, he was all practically 1 colour, he was a headmaster, and he had the goofy retro sci-fi G1 hover car vehicle mode. I was convinced that I was going to really dislike this figure, and initially wasn't even going to buy it.
however, over time my opinion on his completely blue colour scheme changed, I think maybe my love for power rangers/ super sentai made me like the all one colour design. so, when TR stuff first started showing up I ended up grabbing him (and skullsmasher)
And to my surprise, I actually quite liked him. the all blue colour worked better than I had thought, the robot mode, while slender, was really nice looking and well detailed. he had surprisingly decent poseability, and even the vehicle mode wasn't as bad as I had feared. sure, he was still a headmaster and I've never like headmasters.
but the good definitely outweighed the bad in my eyes.

2: Animated Snarl. I was pretty iffy on animated as a whole during its run. and the first figure I bought from it (Deluxe Bumblebee) didn't really do much to help that feeling. but over time I did get more into the series and toyline and found some figures I really enjoyed from it. (Leader Bulkhead, Deluxe Swindle, Deluxe Waspinator, etc) Snarl however, was not among them. in fact he was one of the moulds I had decided to pass on completely.
His Triceratops mode looked kind of silly to me. and his robot mode looked ridiculous. so stumpy and simpe. It reminded me way too much of Cybertron Backstop.

Fast forward a few years and I had decided I wanted to try and fill in some of the gaps in my collection. I found a cheap Snarl still in its packaging and since he was the only animated Dinobot I was missing. I decided to buy it.
When it arrived I was ready to be underwhelmed. I grabbed the little triceratops out of his packaging and begun to fiddle with it, and transform it. and... it was garbage. the robot mode looked ridiculous, the transformation was awkward. I was just as underwhelmed as expected
and THEN I found out online that the instructions weren't right, and that this awkward robot mode wasn't the intended robot mode. after making the adjustments my opinion took a complete 180.
His robot mode may have been stumpy, but it was also Stocky and broad and powerful looking, it was cool and cute at the same time. his opening hands were also a nice feature I didn't know he had, and his giant Twistie, sorry his club. also was better looking in his hand than expected.
I seemed to be fiddling with the little guy constantly for days after getting him. he had really charmed me.
and that's how Snarl made his way into my top 10 animated figures.

so, now it's your turn. what are some figures you liked more than expected.
or maybe you got a figure you didn't like at first, but it eventually grew on you and you warmed to it and came to like it.
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Old 5th August 2017, 11:15 PM
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Yup, shameless plug below


Funny, I was just thinking of posting in that thread again as my 180 was Ori Toy's Hero of Steel Optimus (licensed). Wasn't too fond of the hips but started to come around to that after more pics and a sale price always helps!
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Old 5th August 2017, 11:22 PM
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Heh, guess there already was a thread for this (oops)
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