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Old 2nd June 2018, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Paulbot View Post
Could you, or anyone thatís done this, share some photos? Particularly the sticker-less jet mode?
My photography stinks, but someone over at TFW did it -

The paintwork or mine is crisp, but some other folk's have got slightly fuzzy lines like this one - but honestly even then it's still heaps better IMHO.
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Old 18th July 2018, 08:57 AM
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To be honest, I thought since there were so many differences between this toy and how she looked in the G1 cartoon I wouldn't like this toy too much. I was pleasantly surprised that when I took her out of the box I found otherwise

Yes, her body doesn't look like the lithe agile G1 incarnation but I think for a new generation this version works very well. For an Autobot leader and the leader of the female Autobot contingent, I think a big bulky imposing body type works. She has relatively the same colour scheme as G1 and the same curves coming in from the sides of her chest (even if her chest is now even bigger than the mousepad I have of her ). I would have liked to see her have a big rifle rather than two small pistols though, though they work well on the jet mode. Her head sculpt is great!

With her alt-mode, once again I thought I would be annoyed that she wasn't a ground vehicle like in G1 but for a new generation it works. I think the mode works better for her than Starscream, as you can imagine her to be a Cybertronian jet which makes the jet more believable than as an Earth jet. And the Autobot femmebots were in sore need of a jet on their team, everyone else being either ground vehicles or helicopters.

So overall, while not G1 accurate and I'll admit to not being a fan of the stickers, I think this is a great version of the character for a new Generation, very good!
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