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Old 14th June 2018, 07:01 PM
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Default Toy Review - The Last Knight Deluxe Hot Rod

Series - The Last Knight - Premiere Edition
Sub-line -
Size/class - Deluxe
New/remould/redeco - extensive remold of Age of Extinction Deluxe Lockdown
Wave - NA - was a store exclusive
Released here - Never (bought from RobotKingdom in June 2018 for 23.90 USD)
Approximate Retail Price - NA
Approximate Size - Unbelievably, I have a ruler at hand and will not be sarcastic or dismissive of this part. A hair under 13cm long in car mode,
Allegiance - Autobot
Alt-mode - Lamborhighini Centenario
Main Features/Gimmicks - It's a frakking Lamborghini
Main Colours - Dark charcoal, orange/red highlights, silver in robot mode
Main Accessories - None

Vehicle mode
- Gorgeous scultping. Absolutely gorgeous.
- Well painted for a toy released in 2018. Silver hubcaps, burnt orange accents, small but well picked out Lambo badge. No tail lights painted in, but they're super recessed so I'm not sure how well you'd see any paint apps, and the triple exhaust on the rear is well molded but not picked out with paint.
- Bit of a general observation, but it is a remarkably light toy, and the car shell pieces are very thin. Not quite to the point of being a concern, but it's worth noting.

- I've never owned or handled an AOE Lockdown, but I'm given to understand that this is quite different.
- The legs and chest are kind of standard for a deluxe sized car bot. Functional, nothing flashy.
- The arms are great. I adore that you end up with the wheels on elbows look from the character model, and I like that the length of the sides of the car otherwise wraps up into gauntlets.

Robot mode
- Pictures make it look top heavy, but it's very well proportioned in robot mode. Everything locks in place and is very stable. Nothing on my copy is loose.
- Colour mix gets a bit of a switch up. Heaps of grey, silver and a splash of blue in the eyes.
- Articulation is average. Things to note - shoulders can shrug on transformation joints and are not as restricted as the massive shoulderpad kibble would have you think, elbows only go to about 70 degrees of bend, hips are on firm non-clicky ratchets that have probably one or two too few locking points and should have been standard universal joints or ball joints, and there's no wrist or waist articulation.
- No accessory.
- The hands look kind of goofy.If you're looking to give the figure a gun, the cuff formed by the car door might prevent you from using anything that has too much mass behind the handle.
- I've left this until last, because it really means very little to me as a collector, but this looks absolutely nothing like the character model in robot mode, head and forearms aside.

A good fun figure. Hard to absolutely recommend given you have to import it. Worth a buy, generally speaking.

If Hasbro are still interested in doing G1 themed repaints/remolds of movie characters I'd throw good money at this figure in red and with a new head as a G1 Sideswipe homage. It has the right alt mode, kibble placement, and silhouette for that to work.
I'm really just here for the free food and open bar.
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