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Old 4th December 2017, 09:09 AM
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Default It's that Christmas giving time of year

Hi everyone, just got to thinking, this year we haven't had any sort of donation drive. It's a bit late to organise anything through the forum I think but I'll mention the following.

As collectors, we are in a unique position to recognise a good toy, or know when there are cheap toys available in stores.
My work has a donation drive that is finishing today to give toys to the Smith Family who distribute them to needy families at Christmas. They like toys without batteries as the ongoing cost of purchasing batteries for a toy might be outside of the means of the child/family.

This year I'm dropping a MISB Generations Tankor and Transformers Prime Legion class nightwatch optimus prime in the box and I'll be stopping at big W at lunch to see if they have any of those rescuebots play sets still available for $10, not a bad price when they are normally priced at over $30 I think.

I've not been able to sell them for years so I figure rather than take up space in my garage a child should get some enjoyment out of them.

There are plenty of places to donate, Target, Kmart and Big W all have donation points I believe and I am pretty confidant that any local church will also accept gifts.

Anyway, that's my thought for the day, have a merry December.
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