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Old 14th June 2018, 08:04 PM
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Default 2018 Transformers Hall of Fame voting

Looks like the Transformers Hall of Fame vote is happening again this year, and there are two categories, with select (American) fansites privately invited once again to participate in round one.
This first round has fans submit nominations, to be sent in to Hasbro by the end of this week. Since this was only announced on the 12th, the cut-off for the posting of nominations is just a mere two days (which is some time tonight, our time).
The second round will come later, and should have Hasbro posting up a short list for each of the two categories, for fans to vote on in some way. (probably facebook again this year)
The results of that vote are likely to be announced at SDCC next month.

Category 1 - Favourite Transformers Fictional Robot character
Category 2 - Favourite Hasbro Transformers toy of 2018

(just like last year, they are wanting people voting on the best toy of the year, before the first half of the year is over... which misses out on a lot of toys, including the annual Titan toy)
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Old 14th June 2018, 09:15 PM
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Only select American fan sites can participate in the first round huh? dang. I can't participate in part two either because I deleted my facebook account. If I could vote, my picks would be:

Cat 1: Devastator (no combiners are in the Hall of Fame yet. Having been the first combiner to appear in the original cartoons, Devastator deserves the honour)
Cat 2: PotP Optimus Prime
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Already got all my essentials. Any purchases past this point is a happy bonus
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