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Old 20th April 2017, 01:42 PM
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Default FREEBIES? Advent Children PlayArts (Vincent, Cloud w/ Bike)

Hey, so I've got a loose Advent Children Vincent (with stand) and Advent Children Cloud with Motorcycle. Kinda just want them to go to a good home. (these are PlayArts, but PlayArts Kai, I think)

Will put up pictures on request/if any interest (bit busy atm), SHOULD be complete.

Not really looking for any money (besides postage) but if you had something cool to trade or whatever I'd appreciate it (there's a few TFs I'm looking for but again, priority is that they go to a good home).

If anyones keen, let me know!
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Old 20th April 2017, 03:26 PM
ChlorHex ChlorHex is offline
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If these are Final Fantasy figures, I'll put my hands up as my brother in law is crazy over these things.
What are you looking for as a trade?
PM me
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