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Old 4th August 2017, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by drifand View Post
According to Ben, He is not entertaining the defects part hence why is no profit and is low cost. I think is almost fair enough to warn you is a close point to PC's concept except PC is still for profit.

He is being clear that is going to be by boat and will take longer time, so do expect the same type of waiting times like PC < might be less, but this is YOUR decision at this point to take the waiting game.

As far as I know, Ben has been on the ball in regards to replying WHERE your items is, though he had issues with his FT phoenix as some may have known.

This is solely a personal decision on your part if you want cheap and waiting for items. By all means he isn't like PC, and he is contactable. I had never waited over a week for a response.

Longest response time I've had from Ben was two days.
Usually hear back from him in 12-24 hours when I have contacted him many times with Queries.

I have not emailed him when he was travelling or sick, I imagine a bit slower then. But he still responded to many customer inquiries even when he was sick as a dog not long after the site first started.
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