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Old 29th December 2017, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by FatalityPitt View Post
I think this merging of the two brands can be a good thing. This means that Hasbro/Takara may now aim to release Transformers that will appeal to both Japanese and International fans in a single product line, and these toys will be available to everyone.

There's another aspect to this if true as well. It would mean that Hasbro and Takara could actually design and engineer something with the primary market being collectors currently serviced separately by Takara, Hasbro Asia, Hasbro Uk, Hasbro USA and Hasbro Australia. Bear in mind with the Masterpiece line for example, audiences outside of Takara's distribution area cannot legally be factored into thir current const benefit analysies. Yet this would still include exporters in Japan like HLJ, but there are also alot of secondary market retailers and customers which are serviced by Hasbro Asia and therefore not able to be considered.

As a result, we could see the flip side of this, with more 'premium' releases of figures being more easily justified to shareholders with both companies, which then becomes a win for everyone.
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