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Old 29th April 2017, 10:37 PM
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Thanks peeps, I'd seen some of those but not griffin's link, that and the list on unicron together will probably suit my needs.

Originally Posted by Megatran View Post
I can't help but feel the $29 RRP for a Warrior class is driving the low demand, especially when compared to a lower priced Deluxe figure. Just a hypothesis....
I found Windblade and Scorponok the other day but the price tag is indeed what put me off getting them.
I do like the line but $29 is a bit much imo for either a warrior or a deluxe, though realizing that it was likely the wave 7 maskless Windblade (which going off griffins post that's the harder to get one?) since she was sitting there with Scorpy (pity I wasnt paying enough attention at the time to her face) and seeing how much she is going for online makes me think that $29 is actually the cheapest that I might find her for, so back to the store I go lol
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Old 1st May 2017, 12:44 AM
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$30 has long been the standard RRP for a Deluxe figure in this country (and generally in most other countries, give/take a few dollars). I know that many majors tend to discount them, but the standard price has often been at that range.

I think the issue with the RiD Warriors is that they are underwhelming Deluxes, giving us so much less dollar value. You compare say RiD Warrior Ratchet with say Universe/Henkei Ratchet - both Deluxes - and there's just no comparison.
Check out some of the posts on these threads re: CHUGUR Ratchet - you can see the excitement that we all had.

Now compare this with the comments and poll results from the Warrior Class Ratchet review thread as well as many of the disappointing comments on the TFPRiD Ratchet review thread, as well as the generally scathing reviews for Strongarm. I know that CHUGUR Ratchet has its critics - some people don't like all the seam lines (but bear in mind that it's trying to achieve what MP Ratchet has only at the Deluxe size and price point!), and okay, the head looking down thing is weird. But overall it's a pretty damn good toy IMHO and offers comparatively FAR greater value for money than its TFPRiD and RiD/TAV counterparts.
I've often said in my reviews of TFP and RiD toys that many of them aren't inherently bad toys per se... they're just not worth the full price of admission. Whereas for most CHUGUR toys people are more than happy to pay full RRP. Heck, in my previous two trips to Japan I've seen TakaraTOMY's Deluxe Legends figures flying off shelves despite their 4320JPY (AU$52) price tags. So I don't think it's necessarily the prices per se but more the reduced value for money. Cos whenever I've gotten say a RiD Warrior figure my thought has always been, "And they have the audacity to charge a Deluxe price for this?!" Little wonder that I only pick up a Warrior Class figure if it's either on sale or if someone's offering it to me for free. I've never bought one at full price (although I often find them in stores at full RRP).
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Old 1st May 2017, 02:20 PM
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^ The Henkei Ironhide/Ratchet mould isn't exactly a great mould itself. Just sayin.
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