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Old 21st November 2017, 10:30 PM
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Unique Toys Peru Kill. OMG! What an amazing figure! No vehicle kibble in sight, such a tidy and solid design. They absolutely nailed his look. He looks great next to the MPMs.
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Old 25th December 2017, 03:21 PM
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Got this Black Megs for X Mas with Die Cast Parts. High Gloss full body paint Job and Add on kit. Its Awesome.

Also got the MP Styled Movie Prime. Its one of the best things in my collection.

And while not a KO or 3rd party. I also got from my with a Hot Toys SW Ep 7 Snowtrooper. And some black series figs. She spent way to much on me

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Old 12th January 2018, 12:35 PM
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Received my Magten KO MP-36 yesterday. This has been the silvered coloured Megs I've been looking for (to replace my Apollyon). Absolutely love the silver chrome and it looks great next to me TT MP-10

One of the main reasons I didn't replace him earlier was because I didn't like the grey of the official MP-36. THF's was close but this one was/is just perfect (for me). Also (possibly due to it being an official repaint) it already has Decepticon tampos. As far as I can tell they all look aligned correctly.

I still can't get over the silver though, it's awesome. The red inside of the legs is really nice too. Everything is very metallic looking. (edit: just looking at my photo, wondering if I'm missing a screw on the inside leg panel o_O? ) Bonus is that is also comes with G1 Toy face / chest + plastic gun stand. Unfortunately there is no back panel but I can live without it.

Regarding the joints, they are ok, better than an official I would say, not sure compared to THF or IT ones though. I'm waiting for the IT one as a toon accurate version ( for whenever they release a v3 toon Optimus )

I'm not sure if it has english voice clips yet (no batteries lol) and I haven't yet had time to try and transform him but here's some quick pics I took from on my phone.

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