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Old 18th June 2018, 11:08 AM
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Default Evolution Optimus Prime paint tweaks

I bought the Evo Optimus Prime with Orion Pax figure and although I like it, I thought it needed some minor paint to elevate it above what it is.

For example, Orion Pax is a nice figure, but the lack of paint/ detail gives him a 'Duplo' look to me. Also, the trailer transformation with its panels of grey in Optimus mode don't look nice at all...so I added paint here and there, without going too overboard as to affect the look of either mode.


Orion Pax with some silver paint added to trims and red paint to cover his blue wrist nubs.

Paxxy's truck mode with very minor silver panels added. Need some orange paint for his side blinkers just to fill out that sea of red.

Optimus mode with red paint on upper arms and side panels, blue paint on side legs and fists, and silver added to chest grills and window frames, as well as silver smoke stacks. remaining grey panels left that way to keep look of trailer.

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Old 18th June 2018, 12:52 PM
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very elegantly done!
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Old 22nd June 2018, 11:32 PM
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Wow what a difference that makes! Very nice, and tidy lines too!
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Old 24th June 2018, 03:37 PM
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Yo this looks great! Love that Orion Pax especially. Nicely done.
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