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Old 7th August 2018, 08:19 PM
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Default JP Legends comic 52 - Autobot Targetmasters?

The latest issue of the Legends Manga/comic is on the TakaraTomy website (mirrored here when it eventually disappears at that location), and aside from having a lot of the recent Legends toys being featured, it also has a quick glimpse at potential Autobot Targetmaster toys on the final page - using the TR Hotrod, Kup and Full-Tilt toys... but as with many other past redecos in the Legends comics, these could just be a horrible tease, and will never be produced.
Hopefully they do, as we have all of the others done as Targetmasters, and the guns for these three released in Japan... so it would be nice to complete the set.

Hopefully we get a translation done of this soon, as there is some interesting things going on in this one (as there usually are with the Generations toys).
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Old 8th August 2018, 01:23 PM
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Well if we do get the remaining Autobot Targetmasters even if they are just repaints I'd be happy to have them as they are better than a hole in my collection.
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Old 10th August 2018, 07:45 PM
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Issue 53 has also been released on the TakaraTomy website, and is said to be the final issue of this long running Legends comic series.

It's all in Japanese, and it's easier if I just quote TFW's review of it....
Everyone is here in this one as the Legends World faces a crisis as Majin Zarak runs amok and timebombs tick down to zero, signalling the end of the world. The comic features not only the Legends cast of characters including the likes of the so far comic-only Autobot Targetmasters, but also characters from Encore including Big Convoy and Beast Machines Optimus Primal, and from Unite Warriors including Superion. If that’s not all, there are some pleasing human cameos from Marcelo Matere, James Roberts (with copy of Lost Light in hand) and Josh “Dyemooch” Perez! Awesomely, each creator cameo has them accompanied by various characters closely associated with them – so Marcelo Matere’s panel has him supported by various Argentinian / South American Transformers such as Robot Man X, James Roberts has him pictured with early 1990s Transformers Thunderclash and Skyquake, and Josh appears alongside Bumblebee. All of the Bumblebees. While those without any understanding of Japanese might find it hard to follow what is going on, it is clear that this is intended to be a grand finale to the Transformers Legends comics and timeline, wrapping everything up with a planet-shattering explosion and the Maximals ending up back in the Beast Wars – but this time with a trio of Monsterbots for company.
The comic also seems to clear up that Repugnus’ Headmaster is indeed the porcupine Battle Beast, as well as showing off a base mode for Twin Twist.

I'd love to see the entire series translated into English and published as a TPB one day.
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Old 10th August 2018, 09:11 PM
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Spoiler : I thought it was very cute to see Repugnus' son (or daughter).
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