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Old 13th April 2019, 08:25 PM
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Default Golden Lagoon sets and MP Shadowpanther now out in Australia

Thanks to a sighting by member Miles_Prower, we have three new exclusives out in Australia, found at Mr Toys Toyworld (the 20+ Toyworld stores owned by one company, but only located in SE QLD).
Hopefully they show up at regular Toyworlds as well, or at the very least, on the Mr Toys website. If they do, we'll update this news posting.

Shadow Panther - was meant to be at ToysRUs last year, but that retailer shut down before it was released. It's $129 this time, which is $19 more than what TRU were pre-selling theirs for, but it should still be cheaper than importing one, as it was originally about AU$115 in Japan.

Golden Lagoon 3-pack - $129 (a great price, as it would have cost about AU$115 in Japan when it was released, BEFORE shipping)

Golden Lagoon Starscream - $80 (not a great price, as it was originally about AU$55 on release... but might be a lot more on the secondary market by now)
Buying both together offsets one bad price with one great one.

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