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Old 19th May 2017, 08:24 PM
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Default Build-a-Bear (Australia) Transformers products

Over in America, the Build-A-Bear Workshop franchise is offering a number of licensed Transformers products, and since I recalled seeing a store in Sydney last month, I had a look, and sure enough, we have the same products on offer here.


- "convertible" Bumblebee bear - $40
- "convertible" Optimus bear - $40
(the bear "converts" by pulling over a head covering, turning it from bear to robot)

And assorted Teddy Bear clothing and accessories with Transformers on them. (the clothing items could probably fit a toddler, but these accessories are aimed at fitting out a Teddy Bear... hence the name of the business - "build" your stuffed toy (bear/dog/etc) with their clothing and accessories)

The store locator is here, to find your nearest store (or order online).
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Old 19th May 2017, 08:30 PM
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Saw these yesterday when I walked past a store. They look hideous. Might of looked better if they had a G1 look.
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