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Old 31st May 2018, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by BigTransformerTrev View Post
And surprise, surprise - on May 30th they still had Unicronus Rodimus listed as arriving in May. Now its May 31st they have changed it to June. And since my other items have '0' days before shipping left I have to get them sent.

It's the one thing that annoys me year after year with BBTS - I don't know why I keep believing their estimates - they always turn out to be BS
I have heard from multiple suppliers over the years that their estimates are those provided by their sources, often the manufacturer/Hasbro. They aren't often given updates until it's too late. I've seen this on other big sites like Robot Kingdom as well.

I totally get that doesn't help us, the consumer, when we're trying to stack items into a shipment to save on postage. I've been stung a few times myself.
One of my favourite things about BBTS was the extreme Pile of Loot Period, having it be only 2 months instead of 6 doesn't help with their appeal to folks like us. they must have been renting a second warehouse to hold all their POL product.
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Old 14th June 2018, 08:19 AM
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Iíve hit up BBTS for more info about their practices regarding the GST and got the following response:

Hello Trevor,
Thank you for the follow up and I will be happy to explain. We will continue to ship to Australia, but these new tax laws will be in place on that date. We should be sending out a more formal, mass notice about this change in the coming days but from what I understand the GST will be collected on our end and then provided to your government inevitably. If you would prefer to alleviate this tax burden on any items that are currently in your Pile of Loot already or any orders you place prior to July 1st, we do suggest shipping them any time before that deadline, otherwise that merchandise will be taxed upon shipping it.

I have summed up responses for you as well below:
*Will future purchases have GST charged on each individual item as they drop into my POL?
Any items purchased on July 1st and beyond will be subject to GST tax. Please note we do not collect applicable tax and shipping until you release your Pile of Loot items, so you would be taxed at that time.

*If not, will GST be charged on the overall cost of my POL when shipped? Or is there a standard fee for every package, no matter its cost?
From what we understand any products with a value of less than $1,000 will be subject to GST. This means that you could ship various items valuing $2,000 in merchandise but all of it would be taxed. It is my understanding that a single item that costs more than that, will NOT be subject to GST.

*Will GST be charged also on the cost of shipping itself?
Yes, just like the merchandise, your government will be assessing GST on shipping expense as well.

This unfortunate law will definitely be an inconvenience for our customers in Australia, however, the good news is that we will continue doing our best to provide you with collectibles going forward. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance in the meantime and have a great day!

Now obviously the bloke doesnít quite understand the new laws, since of course we WOULD get charged GST on an individual $2000 item, but since I donít know the ins and outs of the US tax system I donít expect them to understand ours. Iíll be hitting them up again about whether we would get still get charged GST if we have an Aussie billing address but an American postal address, as perhaps for us with US friends that would post stuff on, it may be a way around these bastard new laws.
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