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Old 24th April 2017, 11:35 AM
drifand drifand is offline
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I think Ben is a good chap, My concern is once people over crap him with too much load he may suffer like TFI downunder.

He is very much a collector trying to make some profits here and there but I could see he had some issues with some customers already especially with lost parcels etc....

To me, he is an honest bloke and will go all out to rectify issues. I just hope people dont take advantage and abuse out of his good will.
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Old 25th April 2017, 02:43 PM
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OptimusNerd OptimusNerd is online now
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Originally Posted by drifand View Post
I think Ben is a good chap, My concern is once people over crap him with too much load...
I'm sorry, I can't get past over crap him with too much load...
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Old 25th April 2017, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by OptimusNerd View Post
I'm sorry, I can't get past over crap him with too much load...
Very poor choice of words

On a serious note, I've bought from ToyBento before myself and was satisfied with their service
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Old 15th May 2017, 12:36 PM
Starganderfish Starganderfish is offline
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Purchased a couple of Wei Jiang KO's from Toy Bento recently. Agree with others that the shipping process is kind of slow, but he provides regular updates as to where it is in the process and his website explicitly states that the cheapest shipping option can have delays. I was very happy with the final delivery, very well protected.
Also had to email a question and received a fast, pleasant and informative response in under a day.

Will definitely be ordering from him again!!
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Old 2nd June 2017, 08:32 PM
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Okay... my first order with Toybento.

After a tipoff here about that site having Cyber Series toys and free shipping over US$150, I ordered the nine Cyber Series toys they had "in stock".

March 31st - placed the order and paid for it... selecting the free shipping option, which has the warning of "boxes may be wrecked - 5% chance of happening".
(that was a worry, but as long as the toys are okay, these toys are hard to find so I was willing to take my chances on maybe getting some crushed boxes.)

April 1st - emailed an update of order, saying "Dispatching to Forwarder" (which I thought meant it was now on its way to the shipping company)

April 18th - emailed an update of order, saying "Queued for International Shipping"
(how is that different to status in the April 1st message? - I thought it was already on its way)

April 18th (same day and time) - emailed an update of order, saying "Dispatching to Forwarder" and a note saying...

So sorry about the delay. One of your items was lost in transit, and I had to get the supplier to send again. It took about 2 weeks to resolve this. So sorry about the delay.
So... the items aren't always actually on hand when "in stock" on the site, and may not be guaranteed to be in stock at their supplier.
But aside from that, I wasn't notified earlier, like when the first item was lost. I was only notified after the replacement had been received.

Okay... NOW it should be on its way.

May 17th (giving it four weeks to arrive) - I sent an email to ask if there was a tracking number, and why the website still listed my item as "Queued for International Shipping".

May 18th - reply, saying that there was a problem with the shipping company (DHL), that there was a problem with my address.

May 19th - a follow up email, saying that they can't send it to a PO Box, and needed a home address (for a signature).

May 22nd - I send my home address and get a reply the same day that it would be processed right away.

May 24th - I asked if DHL had ever asked for a home address, or just sat on the shipment waiting for someone to chase it up.
The reply said that they weren't notified by DHL, and that they acknowledge that it should have been followed up when a tracking number was never supplied.
An offer of a partial credit/refund of $20 was made. (on June 2nd when I let them know that the toys arrived, I asked if the credit could be given to a friend, as I wasn't likely to be ordering anything there for a while)

May 29th - the package arrived, and it was a sealed bag, with three crushed boxes inside. The website did warn that it could happen, so I wasn't surprised or annoyed.
You just have to be aware of it if you chose the cheaper shipping option, or are eligible for free shipping.

The three boxes inside - I think these were sent to DHL from Toybento, and DHL grouped them up into the bag above, which made it easier for them to be crushed, as they didn't stack square inside the bag.

Three of the nine boxes were slightly squished, but the toys inside were all okay.

The entire order...

The store obviously has some issues (and are currently being upgraded to improve things), but they seem to be a small operation. And if they have something you need (like Asian exclusives), they certainly have a very affordable shipping option - if you aren't needing mint packaging in your collection. You might get mint packaging, but it is not guaranteed... particularly long-distance (international) shipping.
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Old 22nd June 2017, 01:11 PM
Dazza_22 Dazza_22 is offline
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I recently received my first order from Toybento and thought I would share what started as a negative experience but, thanks to his customer service, ended up as a positive experience.

When my order arrived (and I will add that it was well packaged) I had a major issue with it (I won't go into too much detail). I emailed Ben advising him of the issue and he gave me a prompt and detailed reply which outlined that the issue probably wasn't as big of an issue as I first thought. Ben took on board what I had said and offered a more than adequate resolution.

Overall it was an open and transparent interaction and I would like to commend Ben for his attitude and willingness to work with me to reach a solution that both of us are happy with.

In the end I am a happy customer who will recommend Toybento to others.
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Old 26th June 2017, 09:26 PM
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Holdobot Holdobot is offline
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Just got my first order. Everything was packed really well no damage. Very happy will be ordering again.

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Old 28th June 2017, 12:04 PM
drifand drifand is offline
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It appears he is actually looking into NO PROFIT providing the service.
I am not sure what he really means, but will be interested to know.
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