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Old 19th April 2019, 04:11 PM
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It really amazes me that there are people spending so much time on this game, that they are able to construct battle decks to include just the right cards to compliment certain character cards... and even teams with specially constructed battle decks, for competitive gaming.
But in realising that, it doesn't surprise me that with the hundreds of different cards with different functions now out for the Transformers TCG, it is possible to create "God decks", or near-invincible team/deck, that has the designers resorting to the drastic action of retiring (prohibiting) the use of a Wave 1 card in competitive gaming, due to its role in a chain of cards, that in almost all situations, creates an infinite attack that prevents your opponent from even having a turn before they are defeated. (it was noted that there are some exceptions, but it was deemed rare, and an infinite attack scenario spoils the fun of this game.

The card in question is Swap Parts, and on its own it isn't that significant, but played in conjunction with other upgrade and repeat cards, it made it possible to play out a scenario that the designers didn't originally foresee, but of the various options at hand, it was deemed that the least confusing option was to retire/prohibit one of the key cards in this attack pattern.
There is a bit to read, but it is worth the read for being quite fascinating to get an insight into the inner workings of the game - it originally came from facebook but was mirrored at that link, so that it doesn't disappear later when the facebook post or page disappears.
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