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Old 4th August 2017, 09:48 AM
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Default EX Transformers club store now open to everyone

I received an email this morning:

We have now modified the store system so that everyone can now order the former Transformers Collectors' Club items!

If you did not have a membership or you had lapsed many years ago, just put the Toyarama Store Account
in your cart (no charge) and the store will let you establish an account and order. You can find this item under the Membership tab.
You only have to do this once.

Our current sale ends tomorrow!

Check out these items on sale now at the club store!

2006 Cheetor

2015 Assembled Class Figure

2014 Assembled Class Figure

FSS 4.0 Bonus Bluestreak

FSS 2.0 Bonus Eject

FSS 2.0 Fisitron

2013 Mirage/Thundercracker set

2013 Electron/Sandstorm set

2006 Unassembled/Unpainted Class Kit

2007 Unassembled/Unpainted Class Kit

2008 Unassembled/Unpainted Class Kit

2009 Unassembled/Unpainted Class Kit

2010 Unassembled/Unpainted Class Kit

2011 Unassembled/Unpainted Class Kit

2012 Unassembled/Unpainted Class Kit

2009 Leozack

2010 Convention Bonus Slicer

2011 Convention Bonus Fisitron

2012 Convention Bonus Spraxus

2015 BotCon Kre-o Earth’s Most Wanted 6pack

2015 Lio Convoy

2013 Machine Wars Boxed set

2013 Assembled Class Figure

2016 BotCon Rubber Duckie w/IDW Comic

2016 Skywarp

2014 Trans-mutate

2015 Diaclone

2015 Nova Prime

2014 Kre-o Set 6pk

2015 Cybertron Most Wanted Boxed Set

2016 Ramjet

2013 Carded Unsigned Depthcharge

2015 Waruders

2016 Return of Blurr Storybook


guess this means if you want some thing and you previously couldn't log on, now is your chance.

For those group ordering at the moment, I'd order asap as stuff will likely start to disappear.
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