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Old 28th June 2018, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
Yeah, but those names all come from actual words.
  • Iguanodon is Greek for "Iguanus tooth"
  • Baryonyx is Greek for "heavy claw"
  • Suchomimus is Greek for "crocodile mimic."

There is no such word as "Indominus" though. There is the word "dominus" which means "master" in Latin, but as a noun.
e.g. dominus servum salutat = "The master greets the slave."
If you want to say "master" as an adjective, then you're looking for "domitus," and thus its antonym, "indomitus," which is where English gets the word "indomitable" from (e.g. "the indomitable Gauls").
e.g. deo adjuvante indomitus = "We are unconquerable with God's help."

Paulbot's explanation (spoiler tagged in his post) does offer a plausible in-story reason (which I wasn't initially aware of). Indominus Transformiaunobtainium!
What about the Megaladon?
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