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Old 3rd June 2017, 08:28 AM
minstral minstral is offline
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For those of you that have him already would you be able to measure the head width where the faction symbol would go please? Width across the top temple area I guess.

Mine's coming (!) and wanted to see if I need to order some new decals.

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Old 8th June 2017, 03:08 AM
drifand drifand is offline
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Favourite toy for this year over my Megatron.

Here are my thoughts.

FT Pheonix is a very good attempt for Jetfire/SkyFire MP.
Okay so I had an overall feel, and I am okay with it not being painted in many areas as I would imagine the folding of the Arms in place would scratch. The White plastic is very pleasant, I dont have issues.

Face, it looks good to me and I am happy with FT attempt.

Hands, good articulation for each finger and it screams better than masterpiece.

Transformation, is quite easy after my first attempt and didn't need to look at instructions again.

What is bad?
Well people pointed no waist rotation which I agree a bit but it doesn't bug me that much.

No stand base for plane mode? Only adapter provided?

the two small wing tips behind keeps popping off and should have a better fit.

8.5/10 or even 9, is only missing made by Takara tag but I for one may not be interested in the Takara version if they release.

Is such a tall figure that it is hard to place in a display cabinet.

I really like this figure, I am glad I got one.

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