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Old 18th December 2011, 04:58 PM
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Default Series Review - Transformers: Rescue Bots

101 Family of Heroes pt1
101 Family of Heroes pt2


Somewhere in space, a drifting Autobot spaceship receives a message from Optimus Prime directing them to Earth. The ship automatically changes course and eventually touches down in a military base. The four members of Rescue Force Sigma-17 emerge and are greeted by Optimus himself, who informs them that Cybertron is no longer the Autobots' home.

On the island of Griffin Rock, Cody Burns is biking to school when his dad pulls up alongside in the old police car—it's soon to be replaced with a new car as part of the town's function as a hi-tech testing ground. Cody wants to test drive the new vehicles, but the rest of his family points out they're for grown ups.

Optimus tells the new arrivals that he has a new mission for them—to live with a human family and learn more about Earth, but they must do so disguised as normal machines. He gives them rescue vehicles to scan, though Blades is unenthusiastic when he discovers the alternate mode he's ended up with flies. Optimus introduces them to Chief Charlie Burns, the only human who knows the Rescue Bots' true nature.

That afternoon, Cody arrives at the dedication where he meets Francine Greene and her father Doc Greene in the audience, though Francine's more interested in the new exhibit of robot dinosaurs at the museum. Chief Burns introduces the gathered crowd to the Rescue Bots, describing them as new hi-tech robots which will work with him and his family as a rescue response unit. When a butterfly lands on Boulder's face, the Autobot instinctively goes to shoo it away, but is stopped by Heatwave, however Cody's suspicions are already raised. When Cody jumps up and knocks on Boulder's foot, he's told to get lost by a reporter. The press photos are interrupted when word comes in of a fire at the Natural History Museum.

Burns and his rescue squad head to the museum, although Dani discovers her helicopter doesn't seem to like flying too high. Chase begins clearing the humans from the area, though is confused when a couple of Egyptian mummies fail to comply. Graham is bemused when he tells Boulder to move some planters and the Autobot responds that it would ruin the aesthetics. They manage to get the fire out, and Graham locates the cause: a short in one of the robotic dinosaurs. While he's fixing it, Cody sneaks into the museum having followed the team on his bike. He's therefore there to witness Heatwave saving Chief Burns and Graham from a falling dinosaur head. Burns explains it as Heatwave having been left in rescue mode, and Kade is glad to take the credit. As they leave the museum, the eyes on a tyrannosaurus rex light up ominously!

That night, back in the fire station, the Rescue Bots take a lift down to a Cold War bunker underneath the station. Upstairs, Cody excuses himself from dinner with his family and heads downstairs where he catches the Rescue Bots complaining about their new gig. Heatwave has just decided they're going to leave when Cody speaks up. The Rescue Bots realize their cover is blown, but after introductions are made, Cody shows them that there are many tunnels leading around the island from the bunker. They check out a giant robot movie at a drive in, and Cody attempts to teach the Rescue Bots how to act like real robots as well as giving them tips on dealing with his siblings. Lessons are brought to a halt when they spot the robotic T-rex from the museum, now rampaging along the street. As it move into the drive-in, Cody gets Chase to start his lights, and they establish the thing is attracted to light. They begin leading the creature to a safe area while Cody contacts his dad.

Burns takes the rest of his family in the old squad car and they soon catch up with the Rescue Bots as the chase moves outside town. While they try to work out how to deal with the rogue dinosaur, Cody calls Francine. Soon Boulder is extracting a jail cell from the police station, which Dani and Blades fly to the scene. Meanwhile Chase keeps the T-rex occupied and Kade and Heatwave wet some ground to make mud. Kade is shocked when Heatwave transforms, attracts the dinosaur's attention, and then throws it into the mud. Dani lowers the makeshift cage over it, allowing Cody to shut the dinosaur down.

The next day, they return the dinosaur to the museum, and Burns decides to get a picture of "his heroes" outside. After Heatwave tells Kade that Cody's part of the team or the Rescue Bots leave, Chief Burns reveals that they're not just robots, they're aliens.

102 Under Pressure pt1
102 Under Pressure pt2


While Chase and Chief Burns pursue an out-of-control robo-landscaper through Griffin Rock, Cody Burns reports that the rest of the team might be delayed, as his siblings are having trouble coming to terms with the fact that their rescue vehicles are alien robots. Chase loses their quarry, only for Burns to realize the robo-landscaper is coming up behind them. Chase transforms, leaps over it, and throws it into a dumpster while reading it its rights. That done, the rest of the team finally arrive, with the Burns family complaining that their Autobot teammates are too difficult to work with. Kade is especially unimpressed when Heatwave transforms with him still inside. Cody promises to talk to his siblings.

Unfortunately Kade, Dani and Graham aren't that interested in hearing about the Autobots' problems. Heatwave contacts Optimus Prime, but Optimus is confident they'll learn to work with the humans. Cody tells the four bots he has a new plan to help them bond with their human partners. He lures his brothers and sister down to the bunker but things don't go well; Boulder breaks the pinball machine and Dani only wants to talk about flying with Blades. Their bonding session comes to an abrupt end when Burns contacts them with the news that the sewers on Main and Park are overflowing with lava. The team scrambles.

When one impatient woman drives right into the lava, Chase has to save her from her rapidly-melting car. Cody's siblings continue to have trouble working with their partners. Kade even brings his own fire truck, though he inadvertently parks it over a manhole, and after a burst of lava causes it to explode, Heatwave saves him. Cody calls Doc Greene, who is hanging upside down. Greene reveals that the artificial Mount Magma is the likely source of the lava and that the lava will cover the island in just under 5 hours. He recommends releasing the lava slowly to avoid an eruption. Once Burns briefs everyone, he asks if the Rescue Bots are willing to help and, of course, they are.

Boulder and Graham reach the volcano's crater and work together to locate the controls. Elsewhere, Chase and Chief Burns clear nearby campers. Heatwave and Kade wait impatiently for something to happen, while Dani and Blades move into position over the volcano. After Boulder and Graham leave the crater, Blades uses his winch to operate the main switch, opening the volcano and releasing lava and ash. Of course, then he's caught in the ash cloud, and Dani has to cajole him into flying high enough to get out of the ash. As lava begins flowing, Heatwave and Kade hit it with streams of water. As it looks like the crisis is over, Cody announces he'll be waiting for everyone in the bunker. It turns out they declared mission accomplished too soon, however, as Dani spots the lava draining into one of the tunnels leading to the bunker.

Back at the bunker, Cody works on fixing the pinball machine, unaware of the incoming lava.

Boulder makes a map of the tunnels with his seismic sensors, locating a shortcut for Heatwave and Kade to take to cut off the lava. Dani spots a water tower, and Blades bravely takes off to brave the ash and reach the tower. Heatwave and Kade are brought up short by a cave in, but after a few moments of Kade trying to clear the rocks by hand, Heatwave simply smashes through in vehicle mode. They reach the intersection in time and start spraying the lava with water, though with little effect. As they run out of water, Dani and Blades dump the water tank, and its contents spill along the tunnel, cooling the lava. Kade and Heatwave return to the bunker, where Kade hugs his little brother.

The next day, Cody drags his siblings down to the bunker, where a huge Autobot insignia has been added to the wall.
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Old 19th December 2011, 05:00 PM
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Just watched the first two eps and you know what? It's kind of charming, a Transformers property aimed at a younger audience that adults can enjoy and it ties into the new timeline set up in WFC and Prime. A win in my books
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Old 20th December 2011, 01:05 AM
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hmmm makes me regret not buying the Rescuebots when they were on sale at Target...
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Old 20th December 2011, 07:50 AM
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They're not great toys, liege. The Go-Go-Go-Bots/Transformers Big Adventures and 1-2-3 Transformers were far superior as far as pre-school TFs are concerned.

But the Rescue Bots aren't bad per se (although they are overpriced -- ONLY get them if they're cheap) -- their one-step transformation does make them good for infants -- my 2 year old loves Rescue Bot Optimus Prime... she doesn't mind Heatwave either, but she finds him harder to transform as it does require greater motor coordination skills (i.e. grasping the body with one hand and keeping it still while swinging the rear section down at the same time). I didn't get Bumblebee and never found any of the other ones (except for those stupid non-transforming electronic ones <shudder>)

I haven't seen the show yet, I'll check those links out after work.
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Old 20th December 2011, 09:30 AM
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My Son has the toys and loves them. Wont put them down. Im downloading the show now for him to watch today He is going to carry on the TF collection one day
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Old 20th December 2011, 12:03 PM
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Yeah, my son is getting the Bumblebee garage for Xmas. He'll no doubt want to see the show as well (I'll make sure of that ).
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