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Old 16th June 2012, 01:33 AM
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Default Target Toy Sale 21 June - 11 July

The catalogues were hitting homes late last night (which is odd), and an email arrived in my mailbox at 12.20am saying that the catalogue was online.

An hour later it still wasn't, but just a few minutes ago, the individual sale items were added to their search page, so the catalogue should be up shortly.

Items I can find that are Transformers related:
(more added to this post if I missed any)

TFPrime Weaponizer (Ultra) - $47 (save $12)

Movie Trilogy Optimus w/ Trailer - $39 (save $10)
TF3 Human Alliance Daredevil Squad - $25 (save $7)
TF3 Mechtech Deluxe - $14 (Save $14)

TFPrime Electronic Mask - $29 (save $10)
TF3 Cine-mask - $7 (save $2)

Star Wars Transformers Class 2 (mid-size) - $24 (save $6) **
Star Wars Transformers Class 3 (Quad-changer) - $59 (save $20)

WSC PS3 game - $29 (save $10)
WFC X-Box game - $29 (save $10)

TFPrime Darkness Rising DVD - $17 (no saving)

** There is also a listing for "Star Wars Transformers Class 2 Vintage Attack Vehicle" - the image of this listing is of a normal SW toy, so the "Transformers" in that name is an error.

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Old 16th June 2012, 01:40 AM
griffin griffin is offline
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Okay, so I managed to find the catalogue on the Target site, but it still isn't on their catalogues page.
This here is the main Transformers page. Use that link to browse through the rest of the catalogue until it is added to their catalogues page. (or am I the only one who isn't seeing it listed yet?)

Anyone else find it funny that Target felt it was necessary to note that Bumblebee and Optimus transform, as if the Brand name itself wasn't a hint? Aside from the masks, which are obvious, there aren't any gimmick figures or figurines that don't convert on that page... so I wonder why they thought kids & parents needed to be reminded that a Transformer, transforms.
Old 16th June 2012, 08:36 AM
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Target needs to state what TFs will transform as Hasbro is known for making TFs that don't transform (Stealth BBs eg). Parents have bought these in the past to find that they don't actually transform.

I had no problems viewing the catalogue at the Target website.
Old 16th June 2012, 02:09 PM
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Yeah, it's on the catalogue page now. But wasn't when they were sending out the emails telling people that it was...
Old 16th June 2012, 02:39 PM
llamatron llamatron is offline
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Interesting to see a drop in the regular price of Leader Class - has there been a drop in the USA RRP or is this us finally seeing some benefits from the exchange rate of the last 3+ years?
Old 16th June 2012, 03:12 PM
griffin griffin is offline
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US price is US$30... which I didn't realise before, but must be Ultra-sized, because Leader class is US$45 (Ultra Class was between Mega/Voyager and Leader).
So, these Weaponisers are Ultra-sized, not Leader sized.

And as for the price - our AU$59 price ends up being the usual twice US Retail, so Hasbro are still shafting us while the exchange rate remains at parity.

Now I gotta change anything I've listed as "Leader" here...
Old 16th June 2012, 03:54 PM
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does any other target have the preview sale the nite b4 the sale starts our willows target has one from 6pm till 9pm 20th of june( extended hrs for them)all of the sale items will b out and at cataloge prices.
Old 16th June 2012, 04:18 PM
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Yes. Just going to report Waverley Gardens has this too (although open 6pm to midnight). May be very common. Defeats the purpose of a midnight run..
Old 16th June 2012, 07:57 PM
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Awesome. Now I'll be able buy DOTM Jolt, Skids, etc at a cheap price, since I've always wanted those characters that weren't in the movie so much more than Leadfoot, Soundwave, Que and Dino.

Can't fathom why these wonderful toys are still sitting on the shelves after all this time
Old 18th June 2012, 09:00 AM
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So, is Target's laybuy during the toy sale the same old, or do they take a page out of Big W's book and do no deposit?
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