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Old 20th June 2012, 01:44 PM
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Default Tokyo Toy Show - assorted items

A number of news postings from the Tokyo Toy Show last weekend, most of which have been covered already (Masterpieces & TFPrime).

More photos were coming out from the Product Display, and Presentation.

JP EX (PowerCore Combiners) display.

Capsule Microns Wave 1 & 2.

Kabaya Fortress Maximus model kit(s).

Clearer pics of Terrorcon Bumblebee (black/purple Decepticon redeco), Darkness Megatron (with 2 Microns), Battle Shield Optimus (JP TRU excl).

Toy Show exclusives gallery (Crystal TFPrime Optimus & Dark United Optimus)

More images of MP Soundwave & his Cassettes
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