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Old 14th July 2012, 06:09 AM
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Default SDCC 2012 Transformers checklist

From the display exhibits and presentation panel so far, the following is just about everything Transformers related revealed this year.
Some released items on display are not included here, as they are already in our main checklist, which I'll update later with this new info.

If anything else is revealed in the last three days of SDCC, it'll be added as a reply post.

Info gained from the following sources:


Before I get onto the checklist, these are some extra bits from the Hasbro panel:
- Expect a Metroplex toy soon (no idea of which series though).
- still trying to get the last TF3 DotM toys to retailers.
- TFPrime First Edition toys may not be a store exclusive (but as noted at a recent AUS convention by a Hasbro employee, they won't be released here, because AUS retailers didn't show enough interest in them to warrant a whole shipment).
- 40 new Generations toys planned for this new series (so far).
- Still looking into Triplechangers... so none for a while I guess.
- BotShots Starscream Launcher revealed, making it the last of the 44 first series figures we were told about at Toyfair.

Transformers: Prime Robots in Disguise (the larger sizes)

Revealer/Deluxe (US$12 - AU$25-30) (Price increase to US$15 mid-year)
- - Wave 5 (Oct)
Sergeant Kup (new - Auto)
Decepticon Rumble (new - Decep)

Powerizer/Voyager (US$20 - AU$45-50)
- - Wave 3 (April/July)
Dreadwing (new - Decep)
- - Wave 4 (Oct)
Thundertron (new - Decep/Star Seeker)
Ultra Magnus (new - Auto)
- - Wave 5 (Nov/Dec?)
Skyquake (redeco - Decep)

(NOTE - still no Breakdown suggested or confirmed for a Hasbro/Western release... and this covers the next 6 months)

Weaponizer/Ultra (US$30 - AU$45-55)
- - Wave 1 (Aug/Sept) HERE JUNE
Bumblebee (new - Auto)
Optimus Prime (new - Auto)

Transformers: Prime Cyberverse (the smaller sizes)

Legion (was Legends) (US$5 - AU$7-10) (Price increase to US$6 mid-year)
- - Wave 3 (July)
Wheeljack (redeco w/ new weapon - Auto)
Quickblade Bumblebee (black redeco w/ new weapon - Auto)
Decepticon Flamewar (red/black redeco Arcee w/ new weapon - Decep)
- - Wave 4 (Oct)
Knock Out (orange/red redeco w/ new weapon - Decep)
Fallback (tan/brown Breakdown - Auto)
Tailgate (white/blue Cliffjumper - Auto)

(NOTE - no mention of upcoming Airachnid)

Commander (was Scout) (US$8 - AU$16-20) (Price increase to US$9 mid-year)
- - Wave 3 (July)
Ultra Magnus (new - Auto)
Nightwatch Optimus Prime (redeco w/ new weapons - Auto)
- - Wave 4 (Oct)
Battle Tactics Bulkhead (black-blue/blue redeco - Auto)
Skyquake (redeco - Decep)

Transformers: Prime First Edition (Nov 2012) (NOT HERE)

Entertainment 2-pack (US$?)
Optimus Prime (New Deluxe - Auto)
Megatron (New Deluxe - Decep)
Jackson (Human figurine)
Miko (Human figurine)
Raf (Human figurine)
+ DVD (DVD episode - Ep6)

Deluxe (US$12/15?)
Starscream (new - Decep)
Arcee (new - Auto)
Vehicon (new - Decep)
Terrorcon Cliffjumper (zombie deco - Auto)

Voyager (US$20?)
Bulkhead (new - Auto)
Optimus Prime (new - Auto)

(NOTE - NO Bumblebee or Cliffjumper in DLX assortment. Zombie Cliffjumper is similar, but not the same, as the SDCC Zombie CJ... and is noted as an Autobot on the card back)

Generations - Fall of Cybertron (Deluxe size - US$15 - AU$25-30)
- - 2012 Wave 1 (Aug 2012)
Jazz (new - Auto)
Optimus Prime (new - Auto)
Shockwave (new - Decep)
- - 2012 Wave 2 (Sept/Oct 2012) (Combaticons - merge to form Bruticus)
Blast Off (new - Decep)
Decepticon Brawl (new - Decep)
Onslaught (new - Decep)
Swindle (new - Decep)
Vortex (new - Decep)
- - 2013 Wave 1 (Jan 2013)
Insecticon (new - Decep)
Starscream (new - Decep)
Sideswipe (red remoulded Jazz - Auto)
Ultra Magnus (redeco & new head of Optimus - Auto)
Fireflight (red/orange/yellow remoulded Shockwave - Auto)
- - 2013 Wave 2 (2nd Q 2013) (Wreckers merge to form Ruination)
Impactor (orange Onslaught - Auto)
Twintwist (black Brawl - Auto)
Topspin (white Blast Off - Auto)
Roadbuster (green Swindle - Auto)
Whirl (orange/grey Vortex - Auto)
(NOTE - redeco of Combaticons)

Generations - Fall of Cybertron (Voyager size - US$20 - AU$??)
- - 2013 Wave 1 (Jan 2013)
Soundwave w/ Laserbeak (new - Decep)
Soundblaster w/ Buzzsaw (redeco - Decep)
- - 2013 Wave 2 (March 2013)
Blaster w/ Steeljaw (remoulded Soundwave w/ redeco Ravage)
Grimlock (new - Auto)

Generations - Fall of Cybertron (Legion size - US$10 - AU$??)
- - 2013 Wave 1 (Jan 2013)
Ravage & Decepticon Rumble (blue)
Frenzy (red) & Ratbat (Laserbeak w/ new head)
- - 2013 Wave 2 (2nd Q 2013)
Eject (blue) & Ramhorn
Rewind (black) & Sunder (orange Laserbeak)

Bot Shots Series 1 (44 figures)

Single Pack (US$4 - AU$8-10)
- - Wave 1 (Feb) HERE APR & US FEB
5 figures
- - Wave 2 (March) HERE MAY & US APR
4 figures
- - Wave 3 (May/June) OUT MAY
5 figures
- - Wave 4 (July/Aug)
5 figures
- - Wave 5 (Sept/Oct)
5 figures

3-Pack (US$10 - AU$20)
- - Wave 1 (March) HERE APR & US MAR
6 figures
- - Wave 2 (Aug)
6 figures

Launchers (US$8 - AU$15-20)
- - Wave 1 (March) HERE APR & US MAR
BL001 - Optimus Prime (redeco - Auto)
BL002 - (TF2) Megatron (new - Decep)
- - Wave 2 (June)
BL003 - Ironhide (new - Auto)
- - Wave 3 (Oct)
BL004 - Starscream (redeco - Decep)

Battle for the Matrix 4-Pack (US$20 - AU$40?) (Aug)
Bumblebee, Decepticon Brawl, Optimus & Launcher, TF2 Megatron & Launcher (all new decos - Auto, Decep, Auto, Decep)

Bot Shots Series 2
Single Pack (US$4 - AU$8-10)
- - Wave 1 (2013)
B001 - Bumblebee "Flip shot" (new - Auto)
B002 - (Gen1) Ironhide "Spin shot" (new - Decep)
B003 - (Movie) Shockwave "Jump shot" (new - Decep)
S01 - Sunstorm "Blitz shot" (chase - clear orange) (redeco? seeker - Decep)

- - Series 2 (Sept 2012)

Sets (7 new sets, 29 new Kreons)

Kreon Microchangers
- - Wave 1 (18) (Jan 2013) US$3
Blast Off
Quickslinger (Slingshot)
Scorponox (note name)

Microchangers Combiners
- - Wave 1 (4 sets) (Jan 2013) US$11
Predacons/Predicus (Razorclaw, Divebomb, Headstrong, Tantrum)
Combaticons/Bruticus (Onslaught, Brawl, Swindle, Vortex)
Constructicons/Devastator (Scrapper, Scavenger, Bonecrusher, Mixmaster)
Aerialbots/Superion (Silverbolt, Skydive, Fireflight, Air Raid)

Rescue Bots Series 2 (ENERGIZE)

Small playset (US$30) (July 2012)
Police Headquarters w/ Chase & Robber (new)

Large electronic playset (US$40) (Late 2012)
Mobile Headquarters w/ Optimus Prime & Cody Burns (firetruck/base playset) (new)

Robots (2nd Q 2013)
Optimus (redeco + accessory)
Bumblebee (redeco + accessory)
Chase (redeco + accessory)
Heatwave (redeco + accessory)

2-packs (2nd Q 2013)
Optimus & Cody?
Bumblebee & ?
Chase & ?
Heatwave & ?
Blades & ?

Marvel Crossovers - The Avengers (US$20) (Aug 2012)
Captain America/Humvee
Ironman/ARC Racer

Store Exclusives (American)

Hasbro Asia Generations (ToysRUs exclusive - Oct 2012)

Legions (each with a bonus weapon)
Bluestreak (Prowl redeco + gun)
Motorbreath (Optimus redeco + sword)
Hoist (Trailcutter redeco + wrist cannon)
Thundercracker (Starscream redeco + arm gun)

Scout (Commander)
Sandstorm (Dune Runner redeco)
Dead End (Brakedown redeco - in Wildrider colours)
Decepticon Brawl (Breacher redeco)
Laserbeak (Skystalker redeco)

Springer (RotF Tomohawk redeco & new head)
Swerve (Gen Kup & new head)
Cliffjumper (Prime FE Cliffjumper redeco & new head)
Wheelie (Gen Jazz redeco & new head)

Power Dive (RotF Highbrow redeco & new head)
Hotspot (Universe Inferno redeco & new head)
(Gen2) Megatron (RotF Bludgeon redeco & new head)

(NOTE - no VOY Brawn displayed, or the two Leaders, Starscream & Ironhide)
(NOTE - Hasbro US calls them "China Import", but almost all their TFs are... and these are actually Hasbro Hong Kong or Hasbro Asia, not China. At least, I don't think these are being released in China.)

Transformers Prime - Dark Energon (BigBadToyStore exclusive - Dec 2012)
(all are mostly in translucent plastic... exclusive packaging, and faction logos on toys)

Bumblebee (yellow/orange)
Wheeljack (blue/red)
Knock Out (green/purple)
Starscream (Black/purple)

Optimus Prime (red/orange)
Megatron (black/purple)

Universal Studios (all are supposed to be out now)
All but DLX Evac are same product, but new packaging. DLX Evac is a new mould, exclusive to this series.

Legion - Evac
Deluxe -Evac, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime
Voyager - Optimus Prime, Megatron

(NOTE - DLX backing cards have "Universal Studios Hollywood", which should be different if released at the Singapore one)

SDCC (July 11-15 2012)
- TFPrime Terrorcon Cliffjumper (redeco & new head w/ dark energon shard)
- Generations Decepticon Bruticus (Onslaught, Swindle, Decepticon Brawl, Blast Off, Vortex)
- Shockwave HISS Tank (with Destro, BAT, Soundwave, cassettes, Energon cubes).


Ultimate Optimus Prime (Year of the Dragon edition) - Amazon Excl (Nov 2012)

Jetwing Optimus Prime (redeco) - Amazon Excl (Nov 2012)

Masterpiece Optimus Prime - ToysRUs (July 2012)

Masterpiece Thundercracker (MP11 mould) - ToysRUs (Oct 2012)

Generation 2 Decepticon Bruticus (FOC Bruticus redeco) - Amazon & BBTS (Nov/Dec 2012)

Linkin Park Soundwave (gold coloured Gen1 reissue) w/ Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Ravage, Ratbat - SURU & comic shops (late 2012)

Linkin Park and Hasbro are collaborating on a super-limited LINKIN PARK EDITION SOUNDWAVE. Itís a new and exclusive model based on the original 1984 toy, the one I grew up playing with. It includes Lazerbeak, Buzzsaw, and Ravage. There will only be 2000 units, available at SURU and comic/hobby shops.

Hasbro is currently showing a sample of it, inside the Transformers booth at Comicon. Here are some pics from Les, the designer. Shout out to Mr. Hahn for overseeing itís golden glory on our end (no, itís not real gold).

The LINKIN PARK SOUNDWAVE will be available later this year.

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Old 14th July 2012, 09:35 AM
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Holy moly! I'm going to be soooo poor in the next year or so with all these new fings comming out!
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Old 14th July 2012, 08:07 PM
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The 'Wreckers/Ruination' squad sounds awesome on paper, but the execution is seriously lacking. They've gone to all the trouble of giving them new heads and even drill bits for twin twist, but then picked seemingly random colours that don't recall the characters at all.

Or are they planning on selling an exclusive G1 coloured set at some point too so that the completists out there end up buying this thing 5 times???

Not too much on the list that interests me to be honest. The promised '40 new generations toys' is probably more like 10 new molds repainted 4 times. I'm expecting Grimlock to be repainted into Snarl and Slag (kidding, but only just).
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Old 14th July 2012, 08:12 PM
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And, in the same breath as they promise a second shot at the first edition Prime toys, they cancel plans to release Breakdown and Unicron...? Time to burn down some Walmarts.
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