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Old 5th September 2012, 01:27 PM
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Default JP Arms Micron multi-packs

A number of multi-packs are being released in Japan soon for the Arms Micron line, containing the smallest size classes.

EZ-SP1 Autobot set - Cmdr Optimus, Cmdr Bulkhead, Legion Bumblebee, Legion Arcee, Legion Ratchet, Legion Wheeljack. (a 6-pack of the main cartoon cast)
EZ-SP2 Decepticon set - Cmdr Megatron, Cmdr Starscream, Legion Knockout, Legion Breakdown, Legion Vehicon, Legion Terrorcon Cliffjumper.
(I don't think Terrorcon Cliffjumper was to be released separately in Japan - which will prompt completists to re-buy the other five just to get the "new" one. TFWiki doesn't have anything about it, so is likely to be new... but it's so hard to find anything JP on that site now)

AMW13 - a 5-pack Micron set (five different Microns from Autobot toys)
AMW14 - a 5-pack Micron set (five different Microns from Decepticon toys)

Note - Microns can combine in endless ways and combinations to form larger weapons, so these multipacks will probably give some example combinations.
Also note - AMW1-12 sets were individual Microns. These two multi-packs give Western (TFPrime) collectors a cheaper way of obtaining Micron moulds without having to buy toys they already bought from Hasbro.

The American online store revealing these, list them as US$50 in December for the EZ 6-packs, and US$26 in January for the Micron sets... which means that they will be notably less (and maybe earlier) in Japan.

(this is getting worse than the Armada/Micron Legend era, which had hundreds of redecoed Microns... which were hard to keep track of, and even harder to collect thanks to a lot of limited edition/store exclusive versions)
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Old 5th September 2012, 08:06 PM
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Just get your favorite color :P
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