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Old 28th September 2012, 01:35 PM
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Default September Dengeki Hobby magazine scans

A fair bit of Transformers content in this issue, with a big feature on the excessiveness of the linkability of Microns (one picture has a Weaponizer Optimus with 25 Microns attached & held).


Arms Micron figures - Voyager Dreadwing, DLX Wheeljack, Optimus Maximus, Cmdr Skyquake, Orion Pax, Thundercracker, and several translucent Microns.

An assortment of mini-Matrixes (yes, the mathematical plural is matrices, but this is a noun - an iconic object, so it doesn't sound right), in different colours, apparently to represent the 14 town commanders in the "Prime Satellite" promotion over the last few months. So maybe instead of having the actual toys produced and sold at those regional stores, TakaraTomy produced these instead instead.

ehobby Soundwave Vs Blaster set.

Masterpiece - MP-12 Lambor, MP-13 Soundwave & Laserbeak, MP-13 Red Alert.

United EX masters - EX-03 Road Master Prime, EX-04 Grim Master Prime, EX-05 Race Master Prime, EX Dozer Master Vs Air Master.
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