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Old 12th September 2017, 07:15 PM
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Default New US Price points for POTP toyline

The price points for the new Power of the Primes toyline have been found in a US ToysRUs store computer, and some of the size classes look like they might have gone up in price from Titans Return.
(currently on the US TRU website, TR Voyagers are $25, but POTP Voyagers are $30)

Tra gen prime master 140306 $5.99
Tra gen prime legends -140055 $9.99
Tra gen prime deluxe 140454 $16.99
Tra gen prime voyager 140713 $29.99
Tra gen prime leader 139944 $49.99
Aside from the Voyagers being $5 more, the Titans Return had Titanmasters at $5, so these ones are up by a dollar... which could mean that the "pretender shells" are larger than the Titanmaster vehicles.
The other three size classes are the same as the TR RRPs, so this could mean that Voyagers could see a price rise here as well.

They also found a number of new Transformers listings, some of which are unknown at this time...

(these could be related to Nerf)
Tra energon ignitrs nitro 140788 $19.99
Tra energon ignitrs pwr-140950 $9.99
Tra energon ignitrs spd 141140 $5.99

A segment of the tiny turbo changers line separate from TLK
Tra tiny turbo changers 141183 $2.99

And lastly some unknown exclusives
Ex tra Optimus starscream set 141434 $24.99
Ex tra street racer 141450 $16.99
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