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This listing should not be considered as a guarantee of reliability.  These are online stores or dealers in Transformers stuff that are either located in Australia, or ship to Australia and are fairly well known. If you know of any that should be added, or removed, please email me.  As with any transaction, be aware of the risks before committing to the purchase, including payment procedures, stock availability and shipping options. If any of these links don't work, or a dealer no longer exists or sells Transformers stuff, please let me know.
This guide will only include foreign online stores that I believe ship to Australia.
None of the dealers listed here have paid to be advertised here - this dealer guide is for your benefit, not mine.  The order is mostly random here, with Australian dealers first.  To help out other fans who use this service, let me know if any details or dealers need to be added here.
If you want to know more about a dealer, email me.
Try finding a dealer who has free shipping for pre-orders or orders over a certain amount.  As with any purchase, look at a few places before spending your money, because some online stores take advantage of desperate fans who may have thought it was the only source for the item they are looking for.
More Transformers info and fan resources can be found on the Ozformers Resource Guide.

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Snarl's Shop (American online store)
Mostly second hand Hasbro and Takara TFs and merchandise.

Big Island Toys (American Online store)
Second hand TFs and parts.

Robot Monster Toys (American Online dealer)
Transformer parts, accessories, and some toys.
Send in your spare TF parts and accessories for trade credit.

Cybertronian Artifacts (American online dealer)
Second hand TFs and parts for sale or trade.

The Toy Addict (American online dealer)
Second hand TFs and parts.

Mangohero's Transformers shop (UK online dealer)
Second hand TFs and parts.
Paypal only for non-UK buyers.

Toybarons (Canadian online dealer)
Second hand TFs and parts.
Prices and payment in US$.

Sportinmorton's TF store (American online dealer)
Second hand TFs and parts.

The Crater (American online dealer)
Transformer parts, accessories, and some toys.
Accepts trades if on the want list.

Transformers Junkyard (UK online dealer)
Second hand TFs, junkers, and parts.
Website has trades only, but has link to items currently on Ebay.

Wheeljack's Lab (American online dealer)
Second Hand toys, parts and accessories.
Be careful to make sure you get what is described.

My email: griffin (at) otca.com.au

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