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Hasbro panel at NYCC
Oct 09, 2015 - 11:02 AM - by griffin
Following on from yesterday's preview display for the fans & media, the panel presentation has revealed a couple more bits of toy info, as well as more details on the future of Generations with Machinima & IDW.

Images and details can be seen here.

As for the new toy details, it is noted that there will be another two Deluxes for wave 1 (but not... [Read More]
7 Replies | 171 Views
Myer 5 Day MYER ONE Member Offer (10% off toys) - Ends Sunday 11/10/15
Oct 08, 2015 - 5:28 PM - by Megatran
Take a further 10% off toys.

On presentation of your MYER ONE card.
Offer ends Sunday 11th October 2015.
Cannot be used with other offers.
Excludes Lego, [app]cessories and nursery.

EDIT: Alternatively, enter coupon code TOYS10 at checkout to redeem online.
5 Replies | 193 Views
NYCC RID preview display
Oct 08, 2015 - 4:09 PM - by griffin
Also at the Preview night were some 2016 RID toys.

Display here.

Official images here (Legion) and here (Warrior... [Read More]
3 Replies | 77 Views
Target Home of Best Toy Brands Sale - Ends 21/10/15
Oct 08, 2015 - 12:22 PM - by Megatran
Catalogue link:
Home of Best Toy Brands

Hero Mashers Battle Upgrade $15 (save $15)
RID Minicons $8 (save $2)
RID One Step Changers $13 (save $7)
0 Replies | 124 Views
New Titan Returns and Robots In Disguise figures revealed!
Oct 08, 2015 - 9:02 AM - by Handsprime
This just in, new Titan returns figures revealed, including some headmaster figures, some Robots In disguise bots and even Galvatron!

I know I'm excited for 2016
55 Replies | 1,106 Views
Transformers: Rescue Bots (Season 3) on Toasted TV
Oct 07, 2015 - 7:54 AM - by Kirben
Season 3 of Transformers: Rescue Bots starts at 9:00 AM on Toasted TV on Eleven on Wednesday 14th October 2015.
3 Replies | 66 Views
Rumour - Powermaster Optimus for Titan Wars?
Oct 06, 2015 - 2:31 PM - by philby
just noticed this on seibertron:

Listing for a generations Powermaster Optimus Prime. Not sure if this means a re-issue for the old one or a new figure to go with the upcoming line.
10 Replies | 339 Views
Generations Wave 4 Deluxe out in Australia
Oct 06, 2015 - 2:28 PM - by griffin
A sighting was reported from a Toyworld in the ACT for the Deluxe Prowl, Sunstreaker, Mirage and Ironhide.

Originally Posted by Maruten View Post
... [Read More]
15 Replies | 496 Views
NYCC Titan Wars teaser image
Oct 06, 2015 - 10:09 AM - by fatbot

From the Hasbro Pulse website.

Let the speculation begin!

I can see... [Read More]
4 Replies | 162 Views
RID Warrior Class Megatronus images (now out in US)
Oct 04, 2015 - 3:39 PM - by griffin
More images will certainly follow, but a single photo has shown up of the Warrior Class Megatronus toy, and it looks to be part of the ToysRUs exclusive "Clash" line... so probably as a second wave to the three that were released a couple months ago (in America).
7 Replies | 152 Views
Hasbro confirms 4 more movies
Oct 04, 2015 - 6:20 AM - by G1Optimal
Apparantly hasbro confirms there will be 4 movies on the way

9 Replies | 314 Views
TFCC Botcon 2016 theme - Dawn of the Predacus
Oct 04, 2015 - 6:05 AM - by UltimateGalvatron
The BotCon 2016 Convention box set will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ground breaking cartoon and toy line BEAST WARS. Prepare for the "DAWN OF THE PREDACUS". Our first reveal from the 2016 Exclusive Convention box set is the former DECEPTICON who was reprogrammed and rebuilt... as a PREDACON! - Tripredacus Agent RAVAGE!

The BotCon 2016 set will feature FIVE all-new head sculpts utilizing the amazing TRANSFORMERS COMBINER WARS action figures.

Stay... [Read More]
23 Replies | 552 Views
Simonds Transformers themed Big Brands ad campaign
Oct 03, 2015 - 2:50 PM - by Paulbot
Came across this in the home lift out of today's paper: Transformers being used to help sell house upgrades!

See the video debut of this new Housebot on YouTube:


There's a Facebook page where you can see... [Read More]
4 Replies | 213 Views
Takara Legends LG19 Springer
Oct 03, 2015 - 6:34 AM - by prjkt
Looks like Takara are pulling a United Frenzy/Rumble and having another stab at the Generations Springer mould and releasing a new deco in the Legends line.

However, according to the images on the BBTS product page, he's very green, with only his moving shoulder pads being yellow, and lower legs grey - leaving almost everything else green, including his chest.
... [Read More]
5 Replies | 121 Views
Club Magazine Issue 64
Oct 02, 2015 - 11:35 PM - by griffin
And now for the big news of the week (ignore all that Masterpiece crap).

Issue 64 of the Club Magazine arrived this week, and here are the contents...

P1 - BotCon - Frank Welker at Botcon
P2 - Contents - Half talking about BotCon, half talking about non-BotCon Club toys.
P3-6 - BotCon - review of Frank Welker's appearance.
... [Read More]
0 Replies | 48 Views
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