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Unite Warriors Bruticus with Blastoff space-shuttle?
Jul 07, 2015 - 12:19 AM - by griffin
The usual Japanese Designer (Hisashi Yuki) has been tweeting something cryptic again, and this time it is of Gen1 Bruticus with Groove as the arm instead of Blast Off.

So what does it mean?

The most likely thing is that TakaraTomy are continuing with their tradition of making sure their Combiners are Gen1 accurate, and Blast Off will be a... [Read More]
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Transformers begins appearing on Netflix Australia.
Jul 06, 2015 - 6:25 PM - by DELTAprime
Up til now Netflix Australia has been a big bust for Transformers fans. However I just did a search on the Netflix iPad app and found ROTF is available to stream as part of a Netflix subscription. AOE is expected to start streaming soon and word on the international fan sites is that Hasbro and Netflix were negotiating to return the cartoons to Netflix after they were removed from the service in January.
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More JP Q-Transformers crossovers
Jul 05, 2015 - 10:12 PM - by griffin
With Hello Kitty and EVA coming up later this year using Q-Transformers Optimus as the base mould, another couple have been announced based on Japanese characters... Paper Rabbit Rope and Akira Sempai.
They will be released end of November, for about 1200 yen.

While on the topic of obscure Japanese toys, a TV Magazine exclusive EZ toy has also been... [Read More]
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Takara Devastator coming to ToysRUs Australia
Jul 04, 2015 - 5:13 PM - by MayzaPrime
I have just come from Toys R US and Takara Devastator is coming to Toys R US stores. It will cost around $300 and is currently in there system unfortunately I could not find out the number of units or when a date of release.
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RID 1-step Optimus found in Target 6-pack
Jul 02, 2015 - 2:03 PM - by griffin
The RID 1-step Optimus toy was added to the Game App some time ago, but we then saw two waves of toys revealed that didn't have it... but now we know why - it's part of another Target exclusive 6-pack of 1-step toys.

Last year we had a Movie 6-pack which had a redeco "Silver Knight" redeco of a regular released toy... but this... [Read More]
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More TRU exclusive RID Clash toys revealed or released
Jul 01, 2015 - 12:09 PM - by griffin
ToysRUs looks to have a global exclusive deal on the Robots in Disguise Clash toys, as all the ones so far released have exclusive stickers on them.

Australia was first to get the Legion Clash 2-packs toys (Optimus Vs Megatronus, Underbite Vs Bumblebee).

And we were also first to get the Clash Ultra size Megatronus toy.

But then Canada gets the Clash 3-step toys (Optimus & Bumblebee), and ... [Read More]
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GEN Devastator now out in America
Jul 01, 2015 - 11:59 AM - by griffin
This would be big news for us here if America got it first and it suggested that it was coming here soon... but I'm still making a note of it as it is a big deal for the bulk of Transformers fans (who live in America), and hopefully it gets enough local coverage here to put off more Scalpers from thinking about snagging them up to sell on ebay, as Americans... [Read More]
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Rescue Bots new Bumblebee and Amazon Optimus gallery
Jun 30, 2015 - 9:19 PM - by griffin
Rescue Bots aren't a huge thing for us older fans so this is probably the only gallery out there for these two toys.

The newest wave of convertible bots in the new packaging included a new mould Bumblebee, back as his original car mode... but now in the smaller size scale of the current convertible toys.

Plus, the recent Amazon (or online) exclusive Optimus Tow-truck toy arrived at my post box last week, so I have photos of it as well... which was a surprise to find... [Read More]
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BigW Daily Deal - 30th June ONLY - $10 GEN Legends
Jun 30, 2015 - 11:48 AM - by tron07
BigW today's hot deal...
meh... I reckon everyone got them from the Myers sale sometime ago...


Transformer Generation Legends

Love the movie and the toys? Now is your chance to build a Generation of Legends! Transformer Generation Legends... [Read More]
22 Replies | 709 Views
JP Figure King magazine scans for July toys
Jun 29, 2015 - 11:49 AM - by griffin
The latest issue of the Japanese hobby magazine Figure King has been released, and scans have been posted up of the Transformers items... which is all of the July items, and a number of later items like Devastator and the next set of three Fembots.

TAV-21 electronic Optimus Prime, exclusive to Japan and comes with heaps of... [Read More]
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JP ToysRUs Geoffrey the Giraffe Optimus toy
Jun 28, 2015 - 5:46 PM - by griffin
This one is so left-field, it took me a moment to stop laughing.

One of the next batch of Japanese incentive freebie toys, will be a redeco of the Legion sized RID Optimus toy, painted in ToysRUs colours and given Giraffe detailing to mimic the store mascot animal.

The other two freebie incentive toys are... [Read More]
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My toy collecting featured in a local newspaper article
Jun 26, 2015 - 10:22 PM - by The_Damned
so i had an interview with the local newspaper if anyone is interested here it is

24 Replies | 932 Views
Gen2 Defensor gallery
Jun 26, 2015 - 3:39 PM - by griffin
About a year ago there was an American ebayer who works with the host of the Toy Hunter show who got his hands on a lot of unreleased Hasbro toys and prototypes, and I think it is the same person as this one who now also has a set of the Generation 2 Protectobots they are sharing photos of (probably for publicity before they list it for sale).

... [Read More]
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RID one-step Wave 5 images
Jun 26, 2015 - 3:25 PM - by griffin
Wave 5 of the 1-step RID toys has been revealed, and it is just more redecos that we seem to be having for the next few months.

Gold Armor Grimlock (grey redeco) and Patrol Mode Strongarm (black redeco).

Grimlock looks like they forgot to paint it.
So much Hasbro grey... ... [Read More]
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