The Universal Studios exclusive 4-pack of Kreons has actually been out for 11 months now (first week of September 2014 was when I saw it being
found). Despite it being out all that time, I just couldn't find a gallery of photos online anywhere in the world... so here we have a "world exclusive" gallery of this set.

I actually got this pack while in America in June for BotCon, but haven't had time until now to take the photos. As always, thanks to Fatbot for
getting this set for me on the way to the Convention, and refusing to take any money for it.

The thing to note with the Universal Studios ride, is that even though the first one was built at the end of 2011 (after the third movie), it was based
on a timeframe and character versions of around the second movie (2009).
The ride's story may not fit in the on-screen universe, but it uses characters like Ravage, Devastator, Sideswipe, the Twins, and the
tank-mode (TF2) Megatron. It is also the pre-abs TF3 Optimus, as you can see on the box below... which makes this post-TF4 release VERY late
for releasing a set of TF2 Kreons.

Even though the box notes Evac as being an Exclusive figure in this pack, all four are actually exclusive figures, because none have been released
anywhere else before in these decos/versions.
And when you think about it, unless you count TF4 Galvatron as being Megatron, this is the only Movie Megatron Kreon at all (of any version),
which makes both Evac and Megatron exclusive characters in this pack.
Optimus and Bumblebee have other Movie Kreons, but they are TF4 versions, which were different to these, who are based on TF2 Movie
versions of these characters.
So really, the box could have noted that all four are exclusive to Universal Studios, because at least two of the characters are, and two of the decos are.


Evac comes pre-made, in its own little compartment that you can only get out from his side of the box.
The other three are in baggies in parts in the box with instructions.

Instructions cover.

The completed Kreons... and only one display brick.
I'm not sure why Megatron has a Gen1 Fusion Cannon either.

The three Evac toys from Universal Studios.

The various Movie Bumblebees I have (all were released for TF4), with the Universal Studios Bumblebee being the first one on the left with the original car chest.

And all the different Movie Optimus Kreons I have (all were released for TF4), with the Universal Studios version on the far right.

Just expanding on what I already noted above, I didn't realise until doing these photos that the only Movie Kreons ever released were for TF4 in 2014.
None were released for TF3 in the first year of Kre-O in 2011, despite there being Movie character build sets.
2011 - Movie Kreo (Movie build sets with Gen1 Kreons)
2012 - TFPrime Kreo build sets & Gen1 Microchangers (some build sets had Gen1 kreons, others had TFPrime Kreons)
2013 - Beast Hunters Kreo build sets & Gen1 Microchangers (build sets had Beast Hunters Kreons)
2014 - TF4 Movie Kreo build sets & assorted Microchangers (build sets had TF4 Movie Kreons)
2015 - RID Kreo build sets & Gen1 convertibles and minifigures (build sets had RID Kreons)

The Kreons with the rest of the Universal Studios exclusive toys.
TF3 Movie toys were released in exclusive packaging instead of the TF2 toys being featured in the Ride itself, because they were the ones in
production during this time (remember, the Ride was opened after TF3 came out in 2011).