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Story so far:
Once upon time upon once time in a land far far away there was a brass monkey with optimus Prime features and personality of a sane galvatron. A thousand Mini-Cons Took away the Turbomasters' inherent sanity, along side waspinator's can of Slurm(TM).
Meanwhile, on Cybertron, hound's pet sharkticon was going for a swim in Constable Jim's jacuzzi. But then a Cybersquid came out Of Rattraps rectum just in time to see Shockwave marry Shackwave. Now Trailbreaker can dance with Leobreaker indefinitely. Then without warning Ultra Magnus sings "windy" while drinking the blood of orphans. Michael Bay ruined my childhood and now at the turn of Constable Jim's pants everyone will be shaking their stuff outside of legal.

Then they woke in Bay's bedroom, last night was just pure ecstasy and other amphetamines. Ultra-trion and Doomlock decided to enrol at the gobot's Royal Transformer University But Cy-Kill said, pity the fool who cannot wear purple velvet with Constable Jim's pants. Powerglide married Astoria, Moonracer was furious! She decided to text Huffer naughty roasted Decemberween marshmallows who doesnt shoot feeble hot squirrels, but she couldn't.

The Liege Maximo married Rook and Grimlock in California. Grimlock then ate Wheelie and Starscreams spakcores, but unfortunately spakcores cause diahorrea called spak-attacks. FirstAid was covered by brass monkeys which evolved into a very large Pontianak which then tickled me Elmo To the point of no return. At the meantime Deep inside the key of vector-sigma lay a ginormous statue of kremzeek which perceptor perceived very happy indeed. Five stinky magicians with Donald Duck, Not Donald Duck worshipped the Warner deity, Jack Warner not Jack Warner, or jack bauer but Jack from Grocer Jack song by Jack Black and Marvel Broadcast. Out of the oracle came wheelie's plot to assassinate inferno's hillbillie cousin the lazy old Grandpa Smurf stripped Inside Skyfire.

Then Rattrap and Bulkhead suddenly became entwined and started kissing The surface of Arcees battle armour is a dog's Dominant Original Gal (Dog). Suddenly Constable Jim did nothing again to the Knights of Ni Meanwhile Cybertron was merged with DeathStar and now Reflector nibbled Wheck-Gar pointee cannons blasted away at rodimus prime's rod that turned hot. Octane won the triple-changer drinking award. Angry peasants demanded Starscream be the newest member of the Village People. Blitzwing killed the leaders of West, optimal optimus and south west Sydneytown.

King Monkey decided Apache's red bottom lacks the magic required to seduce hillary clinton. Furthermore The Decepticons had Soundwarp banished to unicrons uncle's appartment because following rules was a crime punishable by multiple readings of rules and getting thrown into a pile of goo. Kup is old. When the postman came Cindersaur, Trailbreaker and Death's Head embarked upon a perilous Gobot hunting adventure . Down south of the border People abused rules of contact Chess so Ironhide wouldn't sook behind the gym stealing the periodic Quasar reduction modulator. Meanwhile, Hot Rod and Optimus Prime decided to execute operation panties drop while cleaning the white wall tyres. Blurr sat on himself and realise he is so not wearing panties.

Transformers will return after The Illiad and The Odyssey in five minutes. Megatron leaped over damn dirty apes into a pile of Galactic goo full of imploding sheeos brains, Unicron's anger and rage goes through the mind of leader Reich Emperor Gobbles the infamous tyrant.

Octane defeated Griffin with a can of energon cola beginning the rise of the machine Disney characters that came from within Unicron's sick mind.
The story continues...

Twelve Transmetal turtledoves