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Do we think the punishments fit the crime for the hold up under safety car?
I'd have fined Ryan Story half a million for his poor acting during the in-garage interview

$250,000? Drop in the bucket for DJR. As for Fabian, do you follow team orders, play nice and protect your team mate & paycheck or take the moral high ground. It's a tough one. Personally, I'd have have pulled up the park brake, read a book and watched SVG froth even harder, because 2nd place to me is only the first loser. If I can't win, I'll take some solice in knowing my team mate did. The others? They're nothing, just obstacles.

A lot of if's and but's, but if SVG was the better driver he wouldn't have been behind Scott in the first place. Which team in any sport hasn't pulled a similar stunt like that to protect their lead? Anyways, enough rambling from me