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Thread: anko Mini Figure Display Case - Lighting

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    Default anko Mini Figure Display Case - Lighting

    I picked up one of these 'major brick brand compatible' cases to display some of the Lego Collectable Minifigures in.

    They are alright, especially for only $12. I was able to fit 3 series on their base plates in the case. They stack too. And the 3 tiers make it easy to still see them all.
    One minor gripe was that with all the base plates in there it was a bit tight to get the case back over the top.

    It looks like it has some spots in the top of the case for lighting.
    My only other gripe is that the roof of the case is not clear, making it harder to see the figures at the back. With some lighting it would just sort of pop.

    Does anyone else have these cases and have you tried to put some lighting in there?
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    I have a Daiso display case and built the lego section inside it, it can do around 13 figures across and five - six deep depending on the figures in the row and the section of the box due to it being convex at the front, I will definitely have a look at the K-Mart though when I'm there next time.
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