Another expensive fancy licensed Movie figure has been shown off, with this 60cm articulated Optimus Prime from the Bumblebee Movie.

It has an internal gearing system, apparently giving it 333 points of articulation. There will also be a deluxe version that has even more features.
Pre-orders begin in July at their website, but might not be available for us in Australia (directly).
Prices won't be announced until the day before pre-orders open up, so it must be expensive, to not give people too much time to debate the value before worrying about missing out if they don't order it.

Licensed Territories:
1. North America (Canada & USA)
2. South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam)
Material : ABS, PA, POM, Brass, Rubber and Super Alloy
Specifications *:
1.Size approximately 24” tall [H:62cm W:45cm D:19cm].
2.One(1) LED Light up Matrix of Leadership.
3.One(1) set of Normal skin (with dirt and rusty look).
4.One(1) IIES Blaster Gun.
5.One(1) Globe Hologram (For Early Pre-Order Bonus and for Deluxe Version).
6.One(1) IIES Display Base (In the Deluxe Version Only).
7.One(1) Transparent Interchangeable skin (In the Deluxe Version Only).

1.First Internal Interconnect Endoskeleton System (IIES) product, that use real Mechanical Gear System for smooth movement unlike traditional ratchet joint.
2.Fully articulated human like fingers.
3.Interchangeable skin (Normal and Transparent).
4.LED Light up on eye, Matrix and Blaster Gun.
5.Push Mask down to activate Voice.
6.Special rotating Mechanical Gears to PUSH out and PULL back chest panel to reveal Matrix of Leadership.
7.Total of 333 Points of articulations.