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Thread: New Masterpiece Starscream - MP52

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    Transformed this a few times over the weekend. A lot smoother after the first go, I guess a few things just needed to be loosened up - the nosecone is no longer an issue. I agree with most of danny-boy above, it's a gorgeous MP. The transformation is pretty clever and I love how they've cleaned up the robot mode proportions over MP-3 and MP-11. My favourite part is how the adjustable thrusters behind the feet allow for super easy posing, I can even balance it on a bed with minimal effort. This character was definitely worth getting a redo, at least more than Prime or Bumblebee anyway.
    Can't wait to see the classic seeker trio together!
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    I thought I was out of the MP game, last MP I bought was Sunstreaker but then by chance I saw Starscream and how beautiful it looked. He got me interested again but came back to see limited stock, high prices, QC issues. For 300 I'll bite but for 350+I just cant justify it.

    Having said that I see where all the effort has gone. Individual finger joints, wrist hinge, ab crunch, full neck hinge, paint finish, accessories. The overall likeness is the Starscream from my childhood. MP-11 is junk compared to him.

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